Theodorakis: ‘The FYROM name issue must be resolved as soon as possible’

Theodorakis: ‘The FYROM name issue must be resolved as soon as possible’


By Spiros Sideris – Thessaloniki

The position that the “River” wants to rule and is not just a protest movement, but has a programme, able members, solutions, and can help steer the country out of the crisis, highlighted Stavros Theodorakis, at the press conference in 79th TIF.

“We are open to discuss with those we must and with those on who the Greek people will decide. We are interested however, that those who take key positions do not belong to the far-right neither are anti-Europeans. We must choose the best”. said Mr. Theodorakis.

At the same time, he stressed that the revision of the constitution and a new electoral law should be the priority of the current parliament.

“The current parliament should decide on two important things. It must decide on a new electoral law and the revision of the Constitution. The one after the next elections should be conducted with proportional representation. I am in favor of what is called “german electoral system”. In addition, it has to decide on the revision of the Constitution. The law on ministerial responsibility must change. There should be no immunity. Judges should decide whether or not to prosecuted minister,” said the head of the “River”.

Asked by IBNA, Stavros Theodorakis spoke about the need for a single national proposal on foreign policy. The issue of the name of FYROM must be resolved, said the head of the river and continued saying, “stability in the region is necessary. We must avoid creating a powder keg in the Balkans”.

“I do not agree with the choices of the EU regarding the crisis in Ukraine, in the Cyprus issues, the Greek-Turkish affairs, but the EU is the only safe haven for us”, Mr. Theodorakis stressed.

(Photo: Spiros Sideris)