Theodorakis: To River will not accept to be part of a government of party employees

Theodorakis: To River will not accept to be part of a government of party employees

Athens, January 12, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The plan of The River for January 26, the next day of the election, and the Roadmap which shows the way, from the Founding of The River up to the present political scene, describes Stavros Theodorakis in an interview with the Sunday edition of the newspaper “Ethnos”.

“I don’t want to become deputy prime minister, nor do I have a partisan army. As such, the negotiation, (with the first party) when the time comes, will be on essential issues”, stressed the leader of The River, who appears confident that his party will be the third power.

“We are all French, we are all cartoonists and not afraid”, he also says in response to the unspeakable tragedy in Paris.

“I was surprised by the far-right rhetoric of Antonis Samaras. The connection of the crime in Paris with the immigration issue, was unfortunate, to say the least. The immigrants and the refugees are not an enemy, they are our allies, as long as you know how to treat them. Ghettos and marginalisation spawn problems and not the skin of the color or religion. On the other hand, there is the irresponsibility of SYRIZA in the migration problem. They are asking for open borders, they want Frontex to leave… These are dangerous policies. They show ignorance and bring fear to the citizens”, he adds.

“For us, Europe and the euro are not negotiable. Welfare state with a minimum guaranteed income for all the really poor families and preschool education for all children throughout Greece. Boosting of entrepreneurship, production and exports. The money of the people in the banks do not belong to the parties and to the “apprentices” in politics. Justice and security everywhere”, explains the head of the river.

Mr. Theodorakis also speaks of “professional executives in Koumoundourou, Sygrou, Charillaou Trikoupi (Offices of the parties of SYRIZA, ND, PASOK)… That is, party cadres paid by their party, and as a extension by the state, for whom success of their party determines the success in their lives”.