Theodorakis: Government with far-rights, conspiracy theorists and anti-Europeans

Theodorakis: Government with far-rights, conspiracy theorists and anti-Europeans

Athens, January 30, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

New attack against the government unleashed the head of “The Potami”, Stavros Theodorakis, speaking at the first meeting of the Parliamentary Group.

As he said, “the first left – as they want to call it – government includes far-rights, conspiracy theorists and anti-Europeans”.

“Ministers of the Right, staff of former PASOK and unskilled professional party officials prepare us for a government with bad gait. An overstretched formation, a product of balances and expediencies”, he commented characteristically.

The president of “The Potami” called on SYRIZA to not go alone to Europe “accompanied by his phobic anti-Europeans of ANEL”, as it will be a bad start, an error signal in Europe that can cost a lot to the country.

Moreover, he considered his debt to give some advice to the new government, specifically saying that: “To the Defense Ministry not to play with matches. To the Ministry of Education not to go into politics like the head of student factions. To the ministry of Development to remember that perceptions of an overstretched statism is no longer considered the Left”.

“In the Public Administration the prime objective is how to serve the who pays for it, ie the Greek people and not the unions that have a foothold in partisan machinery, finally during the negotiations to always remember that Greece is Europe and the Greeks want to stay in Europe”, Theodorakis added.