The Youth of Mantineia at the Greek National Museum

The Youth of Mantineia at the Greek National Museum

A rotating-object programme called “The Unseen Museum” allows culture addicts and the Greek National Museum’s visitors to enjoy a different object every month that is put in public view and belongs to the museum’s collection but is kept in storage.

From this week on and until July 22, the 17th such object to be put on exhibit is the Youth of Mantineia. 

According to Greece’s state news agency ANA-MPA, it is “an exceptional statue depicting an idealized young man…

The young man’s features recall the face of Antinous, favorite of Roman emperor and philhellene Hadrian, who lived in the 2nd century AD, and will complement the museum’s temporary exhibit on ‘Hadrian and Athens: Conversing with an Ideal World,’ which will run through November this year.”

The Culture and Sports Ministry announcement explains that the piece was located in 1886 in the area of the ancient town of Mantineia, in southern Greece (Peloponnese), and was transferred to the museum…. / IBNA