‘The Western Balkans at a Crossroads’ conference on 6-7 December in Rome

‘The Western Balkans at a Crossroads’ conference on 6-7 December in Rome

The NATO Defense College Foundation is organising a conference tailored for the present situation in Western Balkans, in Rome, on December 6-7.

Under the title “The Western Balkans at a Crossroads“, the conference will focus on the positive side of the decreasing distance between the European Union and the Western Balkan states, while, at the same time, it will explore the necessary reforms needed to bring aspiring members from the region into the bloc.

According to the press release, the chose topics will be a natural continuation of the conclusions reached in July 2017 at the Trieste Summit – part of the Berlin process. This year’s event was the fourth annual summit that focused on the European integration of Western Balkans states. Heads of government, foreign ministers, finance ministers (namely of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, fYROMacedonia, Montenegro and Serbia), Croatia, Slovenia that are already EU member states and are from the region, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, other officials from the EU and the International Financial Institutions all attended the summit.

However, apart from the EU, NATO, too “wishes to develop a reflective and poised political and strategic reflection”.

At the two-day conference will be divided into three sessions: “The first session looks at the right reasons to pursue political, economic and social reforms. The second one focuses on present and potential future challenges. The third session highlights the state of regional cooperation and the measures to be taken to counter the return to nationalism and fragmentation.”

Other subjects that are going to top the agenda are organised crime, trafficking, terrorism and security.

Most of its twenty (20) speakers, come from the Balkans and neighbouring countries. Nevertheless, specialists from Brussesls, London, Oslo, Arlington and Washington D.C -among others- will also attend the Rome conference…/IBNA