The US warns for terrorist attacks in Kosovo and the region

The US warns for terrorist attacks in Kosovo and the region

The United States of America have warned US citizens to “take extra care in Kosovo due to terrorism”. A warning released by the US State Department on 10 January, mentions the northern communes of Kosovo inhabited by a Serb majority, considering them as areas posing a higher level threat.

The warning says that “terrorist groups continue to plan possible attacks in the Balkan region, including Kosovo. Terrorist could attack without warning, aiming at tourist areas, transport centers, markets and malls, local government institutions, hotels, bars, restaurants, places of worship, parks, sport and cultural centers, educational institutions, airports and other public areas”.

The US State Department says that “tension within and between communities continue to encourage violence, demonstrations and riots in Northern Mitrovica, Leposavic, Zubin Potok and Zvecan. Although the recent politically motivated riots did not affect any tourists or members of the international community, passersby may be affected if violent incidents take place”.

Meanwhile, there has been no explanation about the reasons of this warning which has been released at a time Kosovo is facing political tension ahead of the tenth anniversary of its independence, which continues to be contested by Belgrade and its ally, Russia.

The north of Kosovo continues to contest the independence of Kosovo and the extension of Pristina’s sovereignty in this part of Kosovo is part of a long process of talks with Serbia. /