The U.S., PKK's 'active insurgency' and Turkey's strong criticism

The U.S., PKK's 'active insurgency' and Turkey's strong criticism

The PKK is considered and has been listed as a terrorist organisation by several states and organisations, namely NATO, the EU, Turkey and the U.S.

However, quite surprisingly, on Monday, the American Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis described PKK's actions as 'active insurgency',  and stated that Turkey is "the only NATO ally which is facing an 'active insurgency'."

On Tuesday, Ankara, through the Foreign Ministry's spokesman Hami Aksoy came to criticise the words chosen by Mattis. As Anadolu reports, "In a statement, Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Hami Aksoy said the U.S. depiction of PKK terrorist activities is inappropriate.

'We believe, in his statement, the US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis was referring to terrorist activities of PKK. However, this is not the appropriate term to put it.

[caption id="attachment_106777" align="alignnone" width="578"] Photo (Library): Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fighters / Azad Lashkari / REUTERS[/caption]

PKK’s activities targeting Turkey are clearly acts of terrorism. The United States also deems these acts as such and recognizes PKK as a terrorist organization'", Aksoy stressed, reminding the U.S. what they actively believe.../IBNA

Main Photo: Secretary of Defense James (Jim) Mattis / Aaron P. Bernstein / Reuters

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