The Supreme Court revives Gruevism

The Supreme Court revives Gruevism

Erol Rizaov

The obstruction of justice by a state body, called the Supreme Court of Macedonia, is the most shameful decision that a court has voiced in countries with a parliamentary political system. The prohibition of further work, and the work that has been done so far, of a special or any kind of prosecutor’s office, the prevention of the persecution of organized crime and corruption holders of accused politicians who are at the helm of power and centers of power by an incompetent court, self-promoted in a political court, in normal countries is a direct blow to the social and legal order. It means abolition of parliament, humiliation and degradation of the highest legislative house, a serious crime against all citizens. It is a coup, a terrorist act equal, if not a worse, to the bloodshed on April 27, 2017.

Consequences on the justice system with this decision of the court, which is presented as Supreme, if the Parliament does not immediately remove the attempts for obstruction of justice and thereby become an accomplice in the defense of crime, will be greater than all amnesties and abolitions. It is worse than any court decision, even worse than the release of all suspects against whom there are ongoing court proceedings. It would basically be declaring Macedonia as a kingdom for the unhindered rule of criminals. The supreme criminogenic judge abolished the successful attempt for bringing back the rule of law, he abolished the rule of law in the very beginning. If one freely interpreted the decision by the Supreme guardian of the plunderers of the citizens, as those judges read and interpreted the dates for the termination of the work of the SPO and rejection of the evidence from unlawfully wiretapped telephone conversations, as those judges voted the death sentence of the legal order with the abolition of the work of the SPO, then it can be called the revival and renewal of Gruevism, which is still pretty strong. The only thing missing is an announcement signed personally by the President of the Supreme Court, Jovo Vangelovski, Nikola Gruevski to return immediately to the country with a deep apology for the injustices done to him and a request to lead the country, and, if if possible, to forgive his persecutors.

What should be done in such situations in countries where there is a flagrant attack on the legal and socio-political and economic system? Firstly, the Parliament that has passed the Law on the work of the Special Prosecutor’s Office should resolve the case of taking over his competences by a court that has abused his position and made a decision for which he is not competent. By which date the SPO can initiate investigations and litigation and its status should be decided by parliament, by the public knowing who is behind this subversive act of undermining the system and the work of the Parliament.

At the same time, the Macedonian public prosecutor has an obligation to initiate an investigation into the Supreme Court’s attempt to interfere with justice. It’s hard to believe that it becomes a homework job written by two defense attorneys for their clients. Obviously, it is a matter of much more that it should annul, defuse, humiliate and quench the most valuable thing in the Macedonian painful and painful transition, and that is the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office. This shameful and frightening move to abolish the SPO, if interpreted according to the criteria of the unsuccessful Supreme Court, is the revenge of the Mafia, proof of its untouchability. The following procedure, if the unprecedented clearing of this case has not been undertaken to put an ad act on record, to archive and destroy crime from the era of Gruevism before the public’s eyes, is a signal for another court, the one of Don Corleone to bring death sentences for prosecutors who investigate crime not only of the former authorities, but also of the current ones.

Is anyone asking the government what it does in such a cataclysmic situation of demolition of the legal order and taking over the competencies of the parliament by one court, even though it is called Supreme. Nothing. Literally nothing. The government is busy with joining NATO and domestic quarrels of who to elect as a presidential candidate. Is there anyone to tell them clearly and loudly enough – Hellooo, all those successes would be for nothing if the mafia manages with you and the country. In this case, with the abolition of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Government too becomes an accomplice not only with the Supreme Court for obstruction of Justice, but rather a partner with the criminals of its predecessors. It would be a declaration of a shameful defeat, by legalizing crime and reconciliation with criminals. The silent annulment of the crimes of the greatest human rights violation in an independent Macedonia by keeping under the supervision of thousands of citizens and public figures for years has been the most severe crime, moral defeat, and severe punishment for those who liberated the captured state. Such a thing must not happen. Not even one hundred agreements with Greece would help. What would they negotiate in that case with the EU? How to rob their own people smoothly, or how to make an ideal amnesty for corrupt politicians by abolishing justice. For what kind of NATO membership we are waiting an invitation for, if the invitation of Cosa Nostra is being accepted by the Supreme Court. The government and the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, the owner of the discovery of the biggest abuse of power of the previous regime within their competences must show their readiness to give a permanent mandate to the SPO, not only for the cases of evident serious crimes revealed by the investigations where the starting point is unlawfully wiretapped conversations, but for the undisturbed prosecution of crime and the corruption of the holders of the current government as well. The Special Prosecutor’s Office, with its 150 prosecutors, investigators, economists and computer specialists, and with its technique and according to its investigations and judicial proceedings, not only deserves full support but is a bright example of establishing trust in the justice system and rule of law. The Special Prosecutor’s Office, with its lasting mandate as an independent body that prosecutes crime and corruption at the peak of any power, is the best thing that can happen to Macedonia. Therefore a new draft law that should increase the competences of the SPO under urgent needs to reach the parliament with European and flags of all nations that live, work and suffer from the plunder and abuse of power. If co-operation between criminals and corrupt politicians is at the same level between the government and the opposition in parliament, then there would be no obstacles for the right to rule in Macedonia in the ideal cooperation between the regular and the special prosecution and between all competent institutions for combating crime and corruption. The regular public prosecutor’s office should be submerged in the special, not vice versa.

Thousands of employees are well-paid from the state’s treasure to hunt down and prosecute criminals. When someone incompetent with an order from the mafia, or a politician, destroys the little that all the institutions and services have done, an alert for rescuing the country turns on. Do you know how many prosecutors, judges and courts in all instances, how much police, financial, inspection, audit, anti-corruption, intelligence, tax and other state services work to suppress organized crime, corruption, tax evasion and money laundering? You will not be wrong if you say ‘over ten thousand people’. Their performance is catastrophic if measured by how many people from the political leadership in a proven and clean court procedure were sent to prison by applying existing laws. In countries with the smallest corruption and the least organized crime, there are more verdicts for tax evasion, corruption, and mafia-policy-makers than in Macedonia, which is closer to the bottom of corrupt countries.

If these facts are not enough to declare war on crime and corruption and to increase the competencies and independence for the smooth work of the SPO then there is nothing left to do, but in the long run we are saying goodbye to the rule of law and Europe. The silence of the government, the opposition, and the Parliament about the Supreme Court’s intrusion by obstructing justice is a visa for the restoration of Gruevism.

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