‘The Smile of the Child’ received over 600 abuse complaints this year

‘The Smile of the Child’ received over 600 abuse complaints this year


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

More than 600 complaints of serious child abuse cases, received from the beginning of 2014 to October “The Smile of the Child”.

Of these, 98% were anonymous and involved a total of 1,254 children of which 597 (47%) were boys, 503 (40%) girls and 157 (13%) children for whom the gender or the age was unknown.

It should be noted that 42% of these children were very six years old. 43% of the complaints concerned physical abuse and 91% of perpetrators were parents, both or one of them.

The figures were released by “The Smile of the Child” during an event in Thessaloniki on the occasion of the internationally recognized Day Against Child Abuse (November 19).

“Child abuse is a phenomenon that concerns us every day, not just today. We are confronted daily with abused children and a try to give them a better future. The figures presented today are not mere numbers.

“Behind every number, there is a child. And behind every child hides a tragic story. The reaction of all of us, is the solution for a better and safer future for children”, noted the president of the organization, Kostas Giannopoulos.

According to the figures from the body between 1/1/2014 amd 10/31/2014, “The Smile of the Child” handled 92 incidents the required the intervention of social workers and psychologists of the Agency.