The slowdown of a nation

The slowdown of a nation

By Frrok Çupi

The revolt of the people of Kukes against the government’s repressive measures is similar to several events recorded throughout history: The League of Prizren, Independence of Vlora, Dynasty of Gjokmarkajs in Miredita… As far as the ethnographic dimension is concerned, people do not see it this way, because they have a tendency to consider events occurred in the past as more glorious ones. But, all three of these national events have one common thing: They happened at a moment when the Nation slowed down!

The nation has slowed down, this is what’s happening. The revolt of Kukes happened at the highest geographical point, where instead of being the richest, people there are among the poorest. Kukes has flooded lands and homes to generate electricity for the nation, but it doesn’t benefit any money from the billions of euros generated thanks to their contribution. Kukes has over 40 million euros worth of iron-nickel reserves, the same as a town in Canada, but a household there lives on 2 USD a day. The nation reacted on the thread which was being cut off. This is how the revolt against the anti-human government started. The nation has slowed down in all of its limbs:


The slowdown of the unification process!

In 1999, the Great Allies decided to do something for the Albanian nation and placed it on the right tracks for unification, meanwhile, in 2018, the paralysis coming from leadership emerged openly. Kosovo’s leadership, with an absolute Albanian majority and a state of its own, started its maneuvers to turn the nation and the state into a market good. The same thing was done by the Albanian leadership. Kosovo’s Thaci had only one objective in the trade he wanted to do with the nation’s territories: Avoid prison for committed crimes. Meanwhile, here in Tirana, they only have one terrible objective: Not allow the nation to unite, because in that case, they will not be able to win the elections! Tirana’s leaders originate from a communist bloc which punished Kosovo for many years. Today, the efforts of both sides to “exchange territories”  aim at slowing down the Nation after the trend established by the big allies: America and Europe. Kukes exploded due to the slowing down; the same as it happened with the Independence of Vlora, when the nation refused to suffer any longer.


The ruining of the monument of Speed…

Why was Kukes chosen to be eradicated… to be eradicated through hunger, by blocking the Nation’s road, through high taxes, through numerous police forces and now through fear? Kukes has the second Monument of Independence. This place has a monument which eternalizes the generosity of Kukes for 500 thousand Kosovars who left the war. Everyone decided to unite to set the Nation in motion. Our nation has never seen such moves as the ones in the past 20 years. It looks like this century was made for our nation. Today, Kukes was selected to stop the movement where it started. Now, it’s impossible to travel from here to Kosovo and from Kosovo to this side of the border. The government of Albania is a government which feeds on regional hate; hate kills even great kingdoms. The state enters in conflict with the people, because conflicts consume energy, moves and the memory. The nation has frozen. The nation was in the same situation in 1878, the year of the League of Prizren. The great patriots took the nation out of the ailments of young Turks and placed it on the other side of motion.


The nation has frozen at a crossing point for world axes.

Why has Kukes been selected to paralyze the Nation’s move? Kukes is the best “studied” area to place the nation on its knees. If you shut down tunnels, the nation needs to go back a century; to travel on horses, caravans or some car that takes 12 hours to travel from Kukes to Tirana. Then, Albanians of both sides will “unite” from Macedonia, from Montenegro, from Turkey and Russia. Or from nowhere. Or at least, to prove to the allies of evil that “the Albanian Nation changed its course”, instead of heading toward West, it is now heading toward East.

The most tragic delay of the nation is in reaching world axes. The left wing government instructed by Soros and Erdogan, does not accept the influence of our biggest Ally, the United States. Western conservatism represented by president Trump and Brexit movement are being kept far from the Albanian nation. Without the movement of the Allies, the nation loses its values and its sovereignty, it loses borders, territories and it loses motion. This is what’s happening now. The nation reacted in Kukes and in Tirana at the moment when it was losing the Good Empire. In 1530, Miredita built the dynasty of Gjonmarkajs only 85 years after the dynasty of the Kastriots had fallen. The nation had started to slow down.

The move of Kukes is at a crucial moment, when the nation feels that it needs to overcome the state of numbness. We need to join world progressive movements, where the Albanian nation once again feels betrayed by government and opposition policies. What has happened in Kukes is not just tax issue.