The right and wrong side of history

The right and wrong side of history

Erol Rizaov

The constitutional changes will be adopted in the Parliament of Macedonia. It is a historic necessity and a good knowledge of all participants in making the most significant decision in the Assembly of independent Macedonia which marks the entrance with golden letters on the right page of history. To run away from parliament in such a historic moment is the greatest betrayal of national interests. VMRO-DPMNE and Hristijan Mickoski, leave this success to the ruling party and the parliamentary majority, which is a cardinal mistake. The eight MPs of the VMRO-DPMNE who will vote on constitutional changes, regardless of their motives, saved themselves from ending up on the wrong side of history.

Who will be listed on the right one, and who on the wrong side will be revealed in third session in the Assembly of Macedonia. The condition is for 80 MPs to pass the most important exam, otherwise we will all end up on the wrong side of history regardless of who passed or who failed, who voted and who did not vote. It would be the greatest tragedy for the country’s future and its citizens. And vice versa, if two-thirds of the 120 MPs vote on the constitutional amendments in a complex parliamentary procedure, which is a prerequisite for joining NATO and the start of EU negotiations, they will all be winners because it will be a great victory won by those who have stood on the right side that marks the European perspective.

But, anyhow, it will remain written in the documents and in the collective memory of many current and future generations who hindered the future of Macedonia. In the dark side of the history, if in any way comes to a collapse of the Agreement with Greece and delaying of the Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia for an indefinite period of time with unpredictable consequences for the stability of the country, the former leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, his successor Hristijan Mickoski, President Gjorge Ivanov, hardline MPs of VMRO-DPMNE who will run away from voting in parliament. The president of the one wing of the Besa party, Bilal Kasami, with his lawmakers, who are sufficient in such relations of the forces, has good prospects for joining this fragile group of the country’s future, Macedonia to bid farewell to NATO and Europe.

Nikola Gruevski has been keeping Macedonia in isolation for a decade in terms of Euro-Atlantic alliances and Europeanization of Macedonia. He built a populist and new-tyranny system of dreadful propaganda of conspiracy of the entire world against Macedonia, which is surrounded on all sides by enemies. Made fabulously expensive Potemkin villages and destroyed all the sympathies of the international scene towards Macedonia with meaningless and costly antiquization in search of a more ancient past, spending hundreds of millions of euros of the poorest people’ money in Europe. In this captured state, moral and all other values ​​were destroyed by systematic depreciation of everything that was worthy. Gruevski managed, in a literal sense, to capture the state and record the darkest pages in the history of independent Macedonia, known and already coined as – the era of Gruevism.

Hristijan Mickoski, inaugurated by Nikola Gruevski, not accidentally as a person of great trust to be his successor, is consistent with the promise to keep the promises that Macedonia will remain chained in the Balkans. At the beginning, Mickoski gave up from taking the leadership position in the party, and as the leader of a healthy opposition, to remove all compromised and corrupt politicians from the top of VMRO-DPMNE.

Instead, he made the strongest commitment to defending the criminal structures that are loyal to the party, demanding full amnesty. It was his main condition for accepting constitutional changes. Hristijan Mickoski relied on the same tactics of Nikola Gruevski, supporting NATO and the EU and the Euro-Atlantic integrations of Macedonia, but not with this agreement, but with supposedly a much better one, which will be reached by him and his like-minded people in Greece in some time in the future. And what will happen until then and what the consequences will be – are unimportant details for the public. Apart from the continuation of Gruevski’s policies and tactics, there is no other rational explanation why Mickoski did not use the chance to be the leader of a constructive opposition as a proper European party that frees itself from the criminal and compromised party ballast that has caused huge damage to Macedonia.

One of the most tragic figures in the past ten years on the Macedonian political scene is President Gjorge Ivanov. He as well, as an idolater and servant of Nikola Gruevski, did nothing to bring Macedonia closer to Europe and so it can achieve the most important strategic state goals. On the contrary, with his controversial and unconstitutional decisions, abolitions and canceled abolitions, by not signing parliamentary decisions and laws passed after the second vote, prolonging the handover of the mandate to the majority after winning the parliamentary election, Ivanov is among the most responsible people for the bloodshed in parliament on April 27, 2017. One of the darkest dates in the history of independent Macedonia, whose initiator and participant is President Gjorge Ivanov. And his transparent tactics are the same as those of Gruevski and Mickoski. He is also in favour pf Macedonia’s membership in NATO and the EU, but not with such an agreement with Greece. But with what kind of agreement and with which compromises can Macedonia reach its priorities, he never said. With his public appearances, Ivanov only distanced Macedonia from Europe. He will go down in history on its dark pages, as the least capable president of the Republic of Macedonia, who in 10 years failed to achieve any goal in his own working agenda which he made himself.

The MPs of VMRO-DPMNE who accepted to be victims of these policies, which are directly against state interests, still believe that their act is a patriotic and democratic choice. They agree to be collectively removed from the vote in parliament. They consider the act to be against the future of Macedonia and the European perspective of the country as a brave fight, rather than being anathematized by Hristijan Mickoski and VMRO-DPMNE.

In this company of tragic figures, there is a great chance that Bilal Kasami, leader of one of the wings of Besa, opposition of DUI, will join. Kasami, of course, knows that he cannot fly with just one wing, but he entered the waters to blackmail the Euro-Atlantic determination of Macedonia without making at least a minimum estimate what this will mean if his threat is realized. What a winner he will be with his feat not to adopt the constitutional amendments because the Albanians in Macedonia will be with Macedonian citizenship of the Republic of North Macedonia. Certainly Kasami knows that in Albania, all citizens have Albanian citizenship, and in Kosovo, all have Kosovo citizenship, in Swedish they have Swedish, and in Germany German, regardless of their ethnicity… Kasami wants gain by bargaining something in the mutual fights between Albanian political parties. He chose a lot of wrong tactics calling for hatred, divisions and conflicts, and not of unity and equality.

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