The puzzle of an idle pre-election period in Greece

The puzzle of an idle pre-election period in Greece

Less than two weeks to go before the early national elections in Greece, and nothing reminds us of the polarised political climate and in some cases extreme political tension of the past and of the pre-election period of the European elections.

Under these circumstances, SYRIZA’s pursuit of a different strategy than before the European elections is evident. It chooses to leave the frontal collision with ND and Mr. Mitsotakis in second place, and puts in first the programmatic confrontation with targeted and costed measures, in order to alleviate the middle class and support the welfare state.

“We deserve an opportunity to govern by broadening the support of the economy and to continue the country’s exit from the crisis, without our hands tied by the memorandum commitments,” say both the SYRIZA executives and Al. Tsipras, with every opportunity.

Of course, in the context of the “flat” election period, and given the great difference of the European elections, the key question is whether there is time for SYRIZA’s positions and the deconstruction of ND’s program to be consolidated, in order to overturn the result on 7 July.

SYRIZA’s bet for the promotion of its programmes

In Koumoundourou, they are optimistic that SYRIZA can achieve a surprise result. A basic prerequisite, the rapprochement of the disappointed voters in 2015 and the young voters. For this reason, on a daily basis, all of the party mechanism, from Al. Tsipras and the ministers to the simple members throughout Greece are touring, meeting with citizens and taking part in thematic events in order to crystallize clearly the proposals and the work of SYRIZA.

For this reason, the left-wing party insists on conducting a debate mainly between the Prime Minister and Mr Mitsotakis, attributing to ND all responsibility for its postponement. Moreover, Al. Tsipras has severely criticized the leader of New Democracy, for trying to hide his program, as he does not answer how the resources for tax relief will be secured. “The program of ND requires cuts in the welfare state and a Pinochet-like incurance system,” they comment at the Maximus Megaron.

The anticipation of ND and the fear of security

At the same time, in the camp of the main opposition, the central line seems to be “let the time pass until election day”. With a central focus on reducing taxes from 2020 onwards, and reforms in order to convince Europeans to reduce surpluses, ND chooses low tones and as few counter-arguments as possible with SYRIZA.

It is characteristic that the head of ND today has clearly set the bar at the formation of a standalone government, saying that if this is not guaranteed for the party in the elections, elections will be held in August amid uncertainty and instability in the economy. A message addressed to voters who take for granted the victory of ND and probably choose… the beach.

In the puzzle of the next day, KINAL and Fofi Gennimata make clear that they will not “let the country go to the rocks” in the case of a lack of self-sufficient majority for ND, opening thus the issue of support for K. Mitsotakis with KINAL’s tolerance./ibna