The priorities of the new government of Kosovo

The priorities of the new government of Kosovo

Parliament of Kosovo along with the most senior state leaders, must address several urgent matters that the country is dealing with, including the border demarcation with Montenegro and the liberalization of the visa regime. This was declared by the President of the country, Hashim Thaçi.

Thaçi made these comments following a meeting that he has had with Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, while he also received the Assembly Speaker, Kadri Veseli.

We all have the same priorities, Thaçi said.

“We are committed for the visa regime to be lifted and we’re all interested for the necessary criteria to be delivered”, he said.

Meanwhile, as far as the decision of Prime Minister Haradinaj to remove the head of the State Commission for border delimitation with Montenegro is concerned, Thaçi said that these processes do not relate to particular names.

The President of Kosovo has also mentioned team that will be set up for the dialogue with Serbia, inviting the opposition to be part of this process.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Haradinaj said that in spite of the past between Kosovo and Serbia, dialogue will continue.

“There’s no other alternative but dialogue. Although our past is a tragic one, we’re neighbors”, Haradinaj stressed. /