The opposition has secured its chairman, but not the victory

The opposition has secured its chairman, but not the victory

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By Plator Nesturi

What’s happening with the Democratic Party looks like a puppet show. A show, the characters of which, want the producer, in this case the chairman, to be the same, although the show has not been successful. Meanwhile the scenario has been written by someone else, somewhere else. Nevertheless, the piece which has been recently played within the DP is not worthy of applause. It’s not even worthy of laughter, despite its vulgarity. This is due to the poor quality of actors that filled the stage of the DP, the media and everywhere else.

Having suffered several consecutive defeats, while the opposition was expected to analyze the causes of this poor result, the only debate that there was revolved around a statute which has done nothing else but remove the majority of critics. Although unity has been declared, this only cements the position of the chairman, who is not obliged to resign even if he is defeated in the elections.

In fact, after all this mess, it’s not that necessary and important to analyze the causes of the defeat and failures in political battles. The poor quality of ideas that were generated in the caucus  and the numerous accusations that the sides launched against each other, all of these were the best argument which explains the poor results of the DP.

However, the opposition is an important element of the state and even more, when it comes to the DP, as a historical party that symbolizes the victory of pluralism in Albania. Therefore, its poor functioning is a cause for concern along with deformations in the structure, which also cause deformations of democracy in the country. But debates within the party looked like amateur dilettantism and not the debates of a party which has lead the country in the past 27 years and which has also played an important role in opposition. This way, it’s hard to think that its role as an opposition will have a big impact on Rama’s current supremacy.

Basha’s former decision not to resign from the leadership of the Democratic Party, but go through an unnatural process of “freezing” until the holding of the elections within the party, are still relevant about what is happening within the DP. In contrast to what was declared, there were no internal debates and analysis for the poor performance in the elections, there was passiveness of a part of the parliamentary group and there was lack of ideas. In yesterday’s speech, Basha said that he recognized all his faults, but this was not enough to demand a reunification of the Democratic Party. The simple opponents followed the caucus from the television screen and the whistling that was heard during Selami’s speech, merely strengthened the idea that the only thing that these critics would be doing if they had attended the caucus, would be to applaud and nothing else.

Nevertheless, Basha’s opponents seem to have launched an academic discussion about what is happening in the DP, instead of launching a political movement. Instead of this, in their declarations and statements on TV, the numerous opponents dealt with the issue of morale, the morale of the defeat and resignation, by denouncing the violations with the candidate list which was drafted at midnight, the responsibility of the chairman and the fact that he bypassed the party’s forums. But there’s one thing that needs to be mentioned here. They could not manage to make a political move against Basha. Nothing. The denouncements or the sermons that were given were nothing else but arguments that offer credibility to a political move. But when the move itself is missing, all of these arguments remain worthless.

Now, the race seems closed and there’s nothing else for us to do but wish Basha good luck. At least in this case, he has secured a victory in this unfortunate year for the DP. However, even he didn’t expect his opponents to be that weak. They just made a little noise, but nothing more. Before, he won while being “frozen”, while today, his opponents seem to be evaporating.

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