The old ‘rule’: Tab system returning in Bosnia

The old ‘rule’: Tab system returning in Bosnia

“Veresija”. What a word… but most importantly what a meaning and what a need. It is all about the tabs that used to exist in the past and are now back to the lives of Bosnians due to their “light pockets” and an economic downturn in the country’s finances that goes on right now.

“Amid a political, economic and social crisis that has ravaged Bosnia for years, taking out loans or delaying payments has become the only way many Bosnians can make ends meet”, BIRN writes.

“‘Can you write this down in your notebook? My salary is coming next week,’ is a phrase that can be heard more and more often in shops across the country, as more and more people buy groceries or even clothes on tabs, which local shop-owners keep in their notebooks under the counter'”, the report informs.

Many in the country, especially small business owners are admitting this is a long “tradition” in the country and they are used to it, however, new generations were hoping they would not live through such times again.

Reality proves otherwise, with Bosnians choosing this way of… “payment” becoming more by the day and the “growing trend” of the older tab practice galloping across the country…/IBNA

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