The new Political Council of the SYRIZA Central Committee for Reconstruction holds its first ever meeting

The new Political Council of the SYRIZA Central Committee for Reconstruction holds its first ever meeting

The new Political Council of the Central Committee for Reconstruction held its first ever meeting in the presence of SYRIZA President Alexis Tsipras, on Monday 23 December.

SYRIZA President Alexis Tsipras, during the first meeting of the new Political Council of the Central Committee for Reconstruction, described the establishment of the PC as “a major step towards the enlargement and transformation of SYRIZA into a large, open and eclectic political party, with political unity and democratic functions”.

In this context, he stressed that the first step in this process was the declaration of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance; the second being the establishment of the Central Committee for Reconstruction and the third was today’s convergence of the Political Council.

The President of SYRIZA also underlined that:

“Our goal is to become the backbone of the great progressive political wing; to be useful for this land and especially for the social forces we want to represent.

We led the country out of the economic crisis, but it seems that the return of the Right not only will not benefit the country and its society, but it will take us back. The country is in need of a progressive governance and we must implement the program of the Progressive Governance. We must get ready to fight effectively for a new victory of progress over conservatism in the next elections”.

New Democracy came to power by deliberately deceiving the social majority. We have to bring alternative policies to the table today. We must address not only the problems but also the answers to them.

Over the next period, therefore, we need to complete and discuss our programmatic agenda; on national issues, on a new model of productive reconstruction, on economic policy, welfare state, public administration, the 4th industrial revolution, climate change and green development.

It is in these fields that we must find our new political unity.

There is a new ‘us’ as embodied in our Declaration. Now, the alternative governance proposal needs to be actualized”.

In this context, at the end of the meeting, the Political Council adopted a 7-point draft.

  1. Our aim is to create a large, open, radical and democratic party of the Modern Left Ideology.

A party that aspires to be the backbone of the Progressive Front in our country. And to shape the terms of a new Progressive political and social majority.

On the basis of a radical but also realistic Progressive Governance program that this country needs, which will be our weapon in the battle for a new victory of progress over conservatism in the next elections.

  1. The measure of proportional representation that SYRIZA voted for is here to stay and create a new relationship of trust between parties, the political system and citizens. In this context, the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance scheme will not consent to a change in electoral law. Political convergences are necessary on a programmatic basis in view of a new progressive political and social majority.
  2. The 3rd SYRIZA Congress will take place on May 14-17, 2020 and will constitute a conference of continuity but also radicalization.
  3. The positions of the 3rd Conference will comprise the triptych that is the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance Declaration, the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance Agenda, as well as the report of the SYRIZA Central Committee. The goal is to have the positions for the 3rd Congress approved by the Central Committee by early February.
  4. The Court will be programmatic and statutaire; therefore, at some time in January a Statute Committee will be set up with the responsibility of the Political Council.
  5. The International Conference on the Evaluation of “Left for the First Time” and the International Experience of Progressive Governance will take place on April 2-4, 2020.
  6. The registration of new members on the catalogues of the SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance Declaration will be intensified in the coming period.

Our goal is to reach out to every leftist, progressive, democratic citizen who agrees with the principles of the Declaration. To effectively fight the multiplication of the party’s organizational base:

– by utilizing,

– With the creation of new organizations in every Kallikrate municipality, in every former Kapodistrian municipality and in every social space and mass body.

Finally, Efi Kalamara and Nikos Bistis became in charge of coordinating the Organizing Secretariat, while it was decided that by the next meeting all members of the Political Council will have taken over a responsibility domain and that the expenditures would be distributed amongst the members of the Central Committee for Reconstruction. /ibna