The ND leader was calling for the Archbishop not to reach an agreement, the government impeaches

The ND leader was calling for the Archbishop not to reach an agreement, the government impeaches

The Archdiocese refutes the claims – ND sources confirm the meeting

“Sacred war” has broken out between the government and the opposition on the basis of the framework agreement reached on November 6 between the Prime Minister and the Archbishop. The spearhead for the New Democracy and for a portion of the Hierarchs is the transfer of the salaries of the priests from the public to the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece. Something that, according to the government, gives the possibility of strengthening the state with doctors, teachers, firefighters and filling gaps in the welfare state.

On Friday, the Holy Synod in a tense and controversial session decided to continue the dialogue with the State, setting the salary issue as a “red line”. “The status of the salary of ecclesiastical officers is in any case the responsibility and decision of the state”, the government stressed after the meeting of the Holy Synod, announcing that the relevant draft law that will be based on the joint Tsipras-Ieronymos press release will be brought to the attention of the Special Permanent Committee of the Holy Synod. A Communication that the Archbishop welcomed.

Mitsotakis is accuses the government of opportunistic attitude

Main opposition party, New Democracy, accuses the government of lack of briefing, referring to a “secret agreement and conciliation” between Tsipras and Ieronymos. However, press reports revealed that Kyriacos Mitsotakis had met with the Archbishop on November 5, the day before the joint announcements with the prime minister. According to these reports, the leader of the ND asked the Archbishop not to reach an agreement with the Prime Minister, using as an argument, among others, that Al. Tsipras is an “atheist”.

“Such a meeting with this content has never existed”, the Archbishop’s Press Office noted. Sources inside ND however, after the initial denial by the representative of the Church, confirmed the meeting by noting that there was no briefing on the content of the agreement. Circles of the archbishop, on the other hand, report that there had been relevant briefing without any reactions. K. Mitsotakis accused the Maximos Mansion of ” opportunistic attitude” and “irresponsibility”, recalling the… 9th commandment: “You shall not give false testimony”.

It is noted that the first reaction of ND after the joint announcement was positive, a position that changed a few days later. In any case, the government is determined to proceed with the adoption of the agreement in the following period and after having informed the competent committee of the Holy Synod./IBNA