The Mitsotakis-Macron phone conversation and the Turkey-Libya Memorandum of Understanding

The Mitsotakis-Macron phone conversation and the Turkey-Libya Memorandum of Understanding

Erdogan to Macron: ‘You are Brain Dead’

As Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was having a phone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron, a few minutes later Erdogan during a speech launched a fierce attack against the French president.

The prime minister reportedly briefed the French president on the refugee-migration situation and on the Greek government’s decisions.

At the same time it was reported that “he also mentioned Turkey’s provocative activity across the Eastern Mediterranean region, following the recent signing of a memorandum of understanding with Libya”.

The prime minister called for the support of France and Europe in view of the NATO Summit in London and the December European Council.

Amdist those developments, the Turkish president cynically attacked the president of France, just days before their expected meeting in London in the presence of Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan initially recalled Macron’s statements about NATO. “What does he go on to say? He says NATO is brain-dead. Mr. Macron, I am speaking to you from Turkey. I’ll tell you about NATO. Go check your own brain function first”.

The Turkish president in his speech at the University of Marmara also referred to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding and Maritime Cooperation with Libya, while once again going against the French President! “Now we have signed a cooperation agreement with the Libyan government. And now Turkey and Libya are partners in the Mediterranean. What do you have to say about that now? No one cares about you. You are a rookie”.

“Now, alongside the official Libyan government, we have dropped our signatures. And now Turkey and Libya are partners in the Mediterranean. With this agreement we have now reached the point of cooperation. What would you say about that? No one cares about you. You’re still a rookie; clumsy. You should fix that. If not, the job will not be finished”, Erdogan stated.

However, it seems that Turkey is in a hurry to sign such an agreement as a strategy for its own interests.

In October, Greece ratified the agreements granting the research units south of Crete to a joint venture involving ExxonMobil, Total and Greek Energean. It appears that the Turkish diplomats have processed this concession and decided to take the next step in the Turkish foreign policy, namely the establishment of the Exclusive Economic Zone (AOZ) between Turkey and Libya.

Should the agreement with Tripoli go ahead and reach a coordinate point, then Ankara believes it will gain the necessary legitimacy after agreeing with a Mediterranean coastal country.

This will create a wall that will impede Greece from exercising its sovereign rights over the Eastern Mediterranean shelf.

“These agreements cannot have any impact on the rights of Mediterranean countries or maritime borders in the Mediterranean region”, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated.

Cairo called on the International Community to oppose this “negative move” that is being made at a critical juncture, amid international efforts to find a comprehensive solution to the Libyan crisis in a way that protects the country’s cohesion and restores its national institutions.

Egypt, which reacted to Ankara’s move, has not agreed with the Greek EEZ theory and is waiting for the Athens-Ankara deal regarding specific points. /ibna