“The main goal is the uninterrupted implementation of our energy plans” – Government Spokesman

“The main goal is the uninterrupted implementation of our energy plans” – Government Spokesman

Speaking this morning at the third program of the Cyprus National television on the issue of drilling by the French TOTAL in the Cypriot EEZ, the Government Spokesman Nikos Christodoulides said, inter alia, that:

“What I can tell you for sure is that everything goes as planned. The company will make announcements whenever they think there is a need. Let’s wait for the results in autumn. There are people from the competent authorities of the Republic of Cyprus who are daily monitoring and assessing the situation in the eastern Mediterranean and the movements of Turkey and when it is necessary to make a statement rest assured it will be done. There is nothing that would cause concern or influence the implementation of our energy plans. Barbaros moves in our area and of course its course is being monitored. There are safety gradients in relation to the platform. The main goal is the uninterrupted implementation of our energy plans and, I repeat, this is happening without any problems”.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, Christodoulides said:

“Surely no one is satisfied with the result in Crans Montagna. The objective of resolving the Cyprus problem has not been achieved. Seeing and evaluating the data a few days later, one sees that for the first time since the talks began in 1976, the chapter on security and guarantees has emerged. It is now understood that it is the chapter that will decide the solution. We need to build on this, taking into account the SG’s approach to this issue. Through the meetings of Turkish officials, an upgraded interest in Turkey’s European course is evident, certainly not membership but for some benefits to be gained through this course. The Republic of Cyprus participates actively in all these debates concerning the EU’s relations with Turkey. It seems that after autumn this effort will be further strengthened by both Turkey and the European Union”.

On the session of the National Council, Christodoulides said that “if we want to have a productive debate, it is very important to have concrete and workable proposals and approaches”.

Invited to comment on critical reports about the position of Cyprus at the Conference in Switzerland, he said:

“I heard yesterday criticism that the President accepted the four basic freedoms (for Turkish citizens). There was no such thing. We must be very careful in our public statements about what we have accepted. It is understandable that there is a disappointment. At the same time, however, the cold and objective review of what has been done in Kran Montaña for someone who has dealt with the Cyprus issue shows that it is very important that we finally had a substantial dialogue on the guarantees and security and we did not simply exchange positions with the UN Secretary – to adopt the approach that in a normal state there can not be conditions of warranties, invasive rights and troops”.

Regarding the issue of the records of the talks, Christodoulides said that the President of the Republic himself is saying that the records of the National Council can be given to the members of the National Council. If there is a need, if doubt is expressed, the President has no problem to give them.

On the issue of Turkish demands for invasive rights in Cyprus, he said:

“Mr Tsavusoglu himself, following Crans Montaña in the session of the Islamic Conference, said on his own publicly that Turkey could not accept the termination of the Treaty of Guarantees and the interventionist rights from the first day and a solution that would not allow troops to remain. Is there a Cypriot politician who would have succeeded in abolishing the treaty and interventionist rights from day one and would not accept it?”/IBNA