The leaders’ dogs

The leaders’ dogs

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By Frrok Çupi

The message I’m trying to convey through this article is as simple as it is wise: Every time the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin meets with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, he takes with him his black dog, Koni. Psychology researchers have often said that in some cases, the dog is Putin’s real power.

The contemporary leaders have camouflaged their brutal behavior in the “care” they show about dogs or other pets. Government leaders keep turtles in their office; they keep or they caress dogs when they visit friends; but almost all of them keep dogs.

Sometimes we treat this as “pampering” for ourselves or even as something “trendy”, but it’s not like this at all. Then, why do leaders keep “dogs” or any other animal for that matter?

The leader with the turtle

It’s not only the Prime Minister of Albania who keeps turtles in his office; the world has dozens of them. But why turtles? When it comes to animals’ symbolic, the turtle is an example of perseverance, resolve and stamina. But, above all, the turtle represents survival. This animal is capable of defending itself from enemies. This is a lecture for us. Don’t you think we’re referring to the Prime Minister of Albania Rama himself in this case? He is stuck to power. He has promised to himself that he would endure anything, any kind of accusation and allegation about him, but he has also promised to himself that he will never leave his post. He has even promised to himself that he will remain in power even if he is not voted by anyone. Of course, these qualities have not been given by the turtle to him, but he lives with the turtle which has these qualities. According to the most notable naturalists in the world, the turtle is the best shield in the world, which can offer us protection from any attack that is made against us.

The leader who wants to go far

The most recent example and perhaps not the best one: Former deputy Prime Minister Peleshi has appeared in Korça in the company of a dog. Many people were surprised when they saw this. But, he knows what he’s doing. He has come in Rama’s government to remain in the shadow and live “without making himself visible”, but to go far. This has also been the objective of other ministers who keep a dog, such as Ben Blushi, 40 years old, and 50 years as minister.

What animals symbolically teach to the leaders is to remain “underground”. They must not come out on the surface to be seen by the others. There, they are corrupted, they fight with their wives to death, they engage in deception and intrigues, there they become billionaires. They never come up on the surface, unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. Even when leaders are asked to take swift decisions “under bright light”, they only come out for a minute and disappear again. You think that Rama is stupid for “covering” his ministers like a lark does with his eggs?! No. Rama covers his “birds” in Parliament and in the crime scene, because he has chosen the “weapon” of patience and resistance.

Leaders and the truth with the animals:

Leaders keep turtles, dogs, cats, because these are loyal animals, without a mouth to speak and without a memory to remember. They are mere pets which are caressed and caress. Leaders  have big problems with the truth. Leaders never tell the truth out loud, but they feel a vital need to tell their sins out loud. Then, they take the animals and talk to them when they feel they have an urgent need to do this.

Our leaders have a more difficult relation with the truth: First, because it’s impossible for them to reveal how many crimes they’ve committed. Secondly, they know that whatever truth they tell, nobody would believe them. Then, they talk to the animals that they keep.

We’re in a situation when the truth is more dangerous than the dream and fantasy.

What about Vladimir Putin’s dog?

Putin knows his weakness in front of Germany’s iron lady and this is why he takes his dog with him. He has attempted in several occasions to defeat her in front of world leaders. Once, Putin corrected the German interpreter as if to let Mrs. Merkel know that he knew her language better than she knew his language. But that is it. Later, he learned that in 1995, Mrs. Merkel was bitten by a dog and that since then, she was afraid of dogs. Then Putin took a dog with him. Not only Putin, but for any leader, keeping a dog is a sign of weakness in front of the opponent.

Merkel said: “I know why Putin does this… because he wants to prove he’s a man. He is afraid of his weaknesses.

“Russia has nothing, no successful policies, no economy. Everything they have is this… dog”, Mrs. Merkel said.

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