The Hague: Special court starts interviewing former members of KLA

The Hague: Special court starts interviewing former members of KLA

Today, Special Prosecution for war crimes in Kosovo based in The Hague will start interviewing a number of former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

Former senior commanders of this army, Rrustem Mustafa and Sami Lushtaku set off for The Hague on Sunday. Their defence attorneys said that their clients “are ready to provide explanations on every aspect that the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating”.

However, Remzi Shala, another former commander of KLA, told local media in Kosovo that he will not appear for the questioning session, because he does not believe that the Special Court will truly investigate the claims for war crimes in Kosovo.

Meanwhile, some of the former members of the former Kosovo Liberation Army have already been interviewed in the offices of EULEX in Pristina.

At the beginning of August 2015, parliament of Kosovo voted in favour of the constitution of the Special Court, which along with the so called specialized chambers, will operate from The Hague under the laws of Kosovo and with international prosecutors.

The idea for the creation of this court followed the report of the special envoy of the Council of Europe, Dick Marty, who made allegations for the existence of organ trafficking in Kosovo during the war and the involvement of several former heads of the Kosovo Liberation Army in war crimes. /ibna/