The Greek PM at the 1st Quadrilateral Summit in Varna

The Greek PM at the 1st Quadrilateral Summit in Varna

The Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras will travel to Varna, Bulgaria, onTuesday, October 3, as he will take part in the 1st Bulgarian-Greek-Romanian-Serbian Summit organised in the Bulgarian city and in particular at the Euxinograd Palace.

Based on his official programme, Mr Tsipras is to meet his counterparts early afternoon, while later on all leaders will speak at the scheduled presser.

Tuesday’s meeting will conclude early evening after a dinner where the leaders will sit together.

The four countries aim at strengthening the ties among them on economical, business and energy level leaving aside the Balkan states that remain unstable.

The result of such a coalition would be the springboard towards growth on all levels and would prove a substantial development of the area abroad, investment wise.

Last but not least, this summit proves important also to the Chinese. The latter have shown their great interest in it practically by sending one of their correspondents of the state television of China to Bulgaria, who arrived there on Monday (October 2nd) and will report from the spot…/IBNA