The ghost of border changes in the Balkans

The ghost of border changes in the Balkans

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By Frrok Çupi

Rumors that the prime ministers of the Balkans meet and discuss on how to divide the peninsula, cannot be ignored. The same thing also goes for the request made by the Austrian deputy Prime Minister for autonomy of the Balkans.

Are borders in the Balkans changing?

Border changes in the Balkans have been a common thing. Throughout the centuries, these changes have taken place in the open and have been decided by wars. Meanwhile, this time, the ghost of “Change” is moving without being noticed towards our region. It also seems to have a kite with the writing “There are no border changes” on it.

The phrase “there are no border changes” has been repeated not only by politicians in the country, but also by foreign ones. Politics, which is not honest with its consumers, hides behind global peace; but it has not stopped the process of border changes. What happened in 1999 with the war in Kosovo and with the independence of Kosovo in 2008are considered to be a change of borders in the Balkans. The calls issued by the European Union in recent summits for the creation of a Joint Balkan Market, represent, in fact, an unnatural change of borders in the continent. According to this project, Western Balkans is unnaturally separated economically from the old continent, where it belongs. Suppositions based in many facts indicate that this creates the “Old Yugoslavia”, which includes Albania, Kosovo and some other part of the Balkans.

The division of the Balkans (a process which we can refer to as border changes) is happening under the supervision of the European Union and other institutions which promise “that there will not be any border changes”. For instance, they divide areas which are under the influence of criminals (i.eMitrovica and Vlora are considered to be dangerous areas, one is known for crime, while the other for drug traffic), areas which are under the influence of religion, under the influence of the IS, Russia, and so on. However, they continue to reiterate that there are no border changes. The concealment of reality goes beyond the aims of global institutions that “there are no border changes”.

Now, we’re in front of a concrete reality:

-The government of Albania is negotiating a deal with Greece to change sea borders.

-According to media in Kosovo and Macedonia, every time the governments of Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo meet, they meet to divide the borders of the Balkans, meaning the borders of their states, alluding that tomorrow we may even have new land borders between us.

-A battle is taking place between people and the government in Kosovo regarding the demarcation process, meaning, the border. This also becomes a condition imposed by the West.

-There are indications that after the decision not to repeal the Special Court on the war crimes in Kosovo, Thaci has launched a new adventure of dividing Kosovo with Serbia. The only way for Albanian political leaders to escape punishment for crimes is for them to sell the lands of their fatherland.

-Austrian deputy Prime Minister has proposed autonomy for the north of Kosovo. After Ivanovic’s murder, Western politics would also accept a “give me lands, I shall pardon you” type solution.

-Former Foreign minister, Skender Hyseni has said that the division of borders cannot take place without a tragedy. This warning is scary. A day may come when we need to face with the past.

But, why are bordering changes taking place?

As a result of crime: Balkan governments have been involved in crime and to escape punishment, they will change borders. The patriotic noise will be muffled by the noise of law.

As a result of poverty: For as long as the peninsula has a high level of poverty, the region’s cunning governments will concede a few borders in order for nationalism to prevail over hunger and the real problems of the region.

To hold on to power: The Balkan governments have joined forces to hold on to power. They will forge secret alliances, real or unreal, to hold on to power for a long time.

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