«The Eye of Istanbul» – Life and Photos of Ara Güler

«The Eye of Istanbul» – Life and Photos of Ara Güler

Athens, May 12, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Manolis Kostidis

Athens, May 12, 2016. To the personality, work and course of the Turkish photographer Ara Güler referred the makers of the documentary «The Eye of Istanbul» at a press conference organized by the Office of Culture and Tourism of the Turkish Embassy in Athens, on the occasion of the screening of the documentary and the parallel photo exhibition of his work at the Benaki Museum on the building at Pireos Street.

The press conference was addressed by the Attache of Culture and Tourism of the Turkish Embassy in Athens, Ms Aslı Aksungur. After thanking those present, she said that «Ara Güler is one of the most famous photographers in the whole world. He however, characterizes himself as historic, which is confirmed by the documentary that will be screened this evening and describes his life and his work. Tonight our guests will have the opportunity to experience the life and photographs of Ara Güler, to feel the spirit of Istanbul and discover important periods of world history”.

“Ara Güler, regardless of the places he visited, the focus of his photographic lens was always the Man. Some of them are famous, some are everyday people. He knows the people photographed, knows their origin, what they do, their anxieties and knows the posture and setup to capture these elements in the best way. For Ara Güler photography is something magical that “captures” a moment of our lives and ‘preserves’ it in the future”, said Nezih Tavlaş, Director of documentaries and Biographer of Ara Güler, referring to the personality of the famous photographer.

“Me and my photos are a little romantic. I never take pictures with normal lighting. Whether at sunrise or at sunset or early morning. I want to explain something to each frame. Each image must have something to say”, Nezih Tavlaş remembers Ara Güler saying for himself.

“In my opinion, Ara Güler is a historian of modern times, an archaeologist of everyday life of people, events and moments that are lost. In any case he introduces himself as a historian. He is the one who presented Istanbul to us in the last 60 years and recorded it through the lens in a surprising way”, Umran Safter said for the course and the Turkish photographer’s work.

“When it was assigned to us to create the documentary of Ara Güler I felt enthusiasm because this is not just a photographer, but a philosopher, a thinker and an important historian, not only for us but worldwide. The duration of a film of course can not be sufficient to describe the life of Ara Güler. In the film, which has a duration of 60 minutes, we focused on the course, the photographic work and his general attitude of life. We brought forth the playful, the stubborn, eccentric and stubborn/working side of his personality”, said Fatih Kaymak (photo), director of the documentary «The Eye of Istanbul».

The documentary has been involved and has received distinctions in international festivals such as the DC Independent Film Festival, South East European Film Festival Los Angeles, and the Thessaloniki DOC Festival.