The EU is turning into a “strait”

The EU is turning into a “strait”

By Frrok Çupi

This article has been written for Albanian Free Press newspaper and

There can be no geographical changes. Europe is the same continent, the old one of the Phoenician princess. The “strait” does not even represent the European Union, which, in fact does not represent the entire continent. The EU is leading the continent to unknown “straits” of history.

The EU is becoming narrower by “enlarging”.

The European Union has turned into a big fraud, while everyone are trying to deceive “discretely”. Starting with the heads of the EU, Juncker, Tusk and Mogherini, Eurocrats have become like a small squadron, which, every time they feel restless in the EU territories, conduct “reconnaissance” missions here in the East. This journey is good for the bureaucrats, because they have the opportunity to show off a little. Within the old continent, they’re nobody. In the eastern parts, especially in the Balkans, they come and promise EU “enlargement”. None of them say the same thing. Then, when they return to Brussels, which has become like a bunker for lost leaders, they remember that they have promised enlargement for Albania, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. They remember and cry out: “No, it’s not true. There won’t be accession even in 2025”. The idea of enlargement with new members from the East is ridiculous and even the eastern people who are hungry for “Europe”, do not believe it. But, while the Eurocrats hang on to the countries which do not have European standards, the countries which founded the European Union want to leave it. Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy… so many countries are leaving the EU.

The EU is making up enemies

All of those who do not agree with the EU’s unimaginable bureaucracy, with its unacceptable policies of sovereignty, family, nation, they are declared “EU enemies”. Two days ago, the EU has sued the government of the Czech Republic, because it does not accept the quotas for emigrants that need to be welcomed. The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Andrej Babis was forced to speak yesterday in Parliament and tell the EU that “there’s no force that could impose the country the number of people that will live in it”. The Hungarian Prime Minister, Orban, is considered as an autocrat by EU chancelleries. And the reason for this relates to the fact that Mr. Orban has closed borders for massive emigration and the fact that he’s shutting down George Sorros too. In the UK, Tony Blair has been delegated to say on behalf of George Sorros that if Britain leaves the EU, then this will be “hell”. The latest names given to those who rebel against the EU are “Nazis!” and “fascists!”.  All of this week, Italians have been called “fascists”. Why? Because the Italian election is being won by the right wing conservative coalition, which may form a Euro skeptic government. The right wing has pledged that it will bring out Italy from the Eurozone. Even in Germany, the conservatives of AfD, which made a strong entry in the Bundestag, are being called “Nazis”. The conservatives of France, Greece, Lithuania, Barcelona are the ones to be considered as Nazis and fascists. The EU has become narrower by seeking “enemies”.

The EU is going back to the century of steel and revenge

 The conflict that the EU has started with the USA is based on the ideas of the 20th and 19th century. The conflict has started with steel. President Trump has announced economic policies which impose charges on the import of steel and aluminum. By applying this measure, the USA immediately opens 140 thousand new jobs, but above all, it improves living standards in the country. Mr. Trump’s slogan that “the war for strategies is a good war” terrified Eurocrats. The president of the European Commission, Juncker, reacted immediately. But, the EU forgot that since the very beginning, the US president announced his slogan “America First”. The EU’s slogan has never been “Europe first” or “progress first”, “family first” or “fatherland first”. The EU has taken its existential philosophy to its lowest level, where Europe is in danger of running out of Europeans.

Yesterday and today we have heard threats by EU leaders, which in fact resemble melancholic reactions belonging to last century “on steel”. The changes made to steel at the beginning of last century also sparked reactions. The famous architect of Chicago, Louis Sullivan, found his poetic soul on steel due to its properties for verticals; Italian futurist Sant’Elia said in 1914 that steel bridges, railway stations, cars and planes of the modern age announce a radical separation from the old forms; Russian constructor Vladimir Tatlin proposed a monument in the shape of a spiral made of steel for the Third Internationale in 1920.

The same romantic and threatening reaction came by EU leaders yesterday and today, on the issue of steel. One of the vice presidents of the European Commission declared that “Trump is taking us back in the time of the Great Depression of 1930”. Juncker declared that “we will take revenge against the United States”. He determined the EU’s war objective: “We will strike every American billboard of Harley Davidson, Levi’s jeans and Kentucky whiskey!”.

In this case, the EU has come back to the straits of time and to the old mentalities. The same as it happened in Albania last year, when we declared that “blue jeans are our enemy”. These two mentalities are not very different to one-another.

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