The EC, Venice Commission, the upcoming CVM report and the Romanian persistence

The EC, Venice Commission, the upcoming CVM report and the Romanian persistence

The amendments brought by Romania’s ruling PSD/ALDE to the Criminal Codes and to the laws of justiceEuropean Commission have shocked European institution that make a joint effort to convince Bucharest at least to revise them.

In this context, the European Commission “has taken notice about the opinion of the Venice Commission regarding the amendments” requesting “the Romanian authorities to consider the recommendations, within the context that the new Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) report will be issued on November 13”, says Romania Journal.

“We have taken notice of the two opinions issued by the Venice Commission regarding the Criminal Codes and the laws of justice. We request the Romanian authorities to take them into consideration”, an EC spokesman has said to Romanian

The source added “As First Vice-President Frans Timmermans said clearly in the European Parliament debate, while continuing the dialogue with the Romanian authorities, in the spirit of cooperation and in the context of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, the European Commission will draw the right conclusions if the amendments to the laws of justice, criminal codes and to the laws on conflict of interest and corruption do not take these concerns into account. The Commission will elaborate a detailed analysis in the next CVM report, on November 13.”

At the beginning of October, after eight months of “silence”, Frans Timmermans had said:

“We last discussed the state of the rule of law in Romania in February, and today is a useful opportunity to take stock of the developments which have taken place in the months since.

We are all aware that the initiatives taken by the Romanian authorities since 2017 as concerns the reform of the justice laws, the criminal procedure and criminal codes, and the processes regarding the judiciary, have led to concerns from a wide range of stakeholders both inside and outside Romania and the EU.

Many Romanians are worried that the proposed changes to these laws may undermine the long-standing efforts in the fight against corruption and the independence of the judiciary. These are concerns the Commission very much shares.”

Today, one could say sarcastically, here we go again… we are watching Groundhog Day.

No matter how many efforts have been made by European officials, the Romanian leadership continues to turn a blind eye to the issue, although the country’s majority opposes the amendments. Professionals in the Justice sector are on citizens’ side persevering with safeguarding the autonomous role of Romanian courts, despite political obstacles and setbacks….. / IBNA