The Eastern Mediterranean ‘may face a serious crisis’

The Eastern Mediterranean ‘may face a serious crisis’

On 29 October, on the day of the Republic Day of of Turkey, Ankara will take a step towards its fully fledged participation in the energy game that is underway in the Eastern Mediterranean.

This move, according to the former head of the National Intelligence Service of the Republic of Cyprus, Andreas Pentaras, will mark the beginning of a period of absolute diplomatic instability in the region in question.

As Sputnik has reported, it has not yet been clarified the exact spot the drilling rig that Ankara now has -namely the “Conqueror”– will carry out the first exploration drilling.

According to information, the “Conqueror” will drill into the Exclusive Economic Zone of Turkey, near Antalya.

But, if Ankara decides to include areas that fall under Nicosia’s exclusive jurisdiction, it is clear,  Andreas Pentaras has said, that “there will be a problem which will lead to a crisis.”

If everything regarding the initiatives that Ankara is about to undertake and its intention to intervene actively in the Eastern Mediterranean, that has been recorded by Turkish media is true, “then -as the former head of the National Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Cyprus has noted- you understand that we will enter into a serious crisis and no one knows what the consequences may be.”

Given there is a peak in the crisis, at present, no one can predict the outcome.

Companies that are active or intend to operate in the Eastern Mediterranean area within the Cypriot EEZ -Exxon Mobil, French Total and Italian ENI- appear to be proceeding properly, according to their timetable, to the completion of the tasks they have a deal to carry out, on the basis of the agreements they have made with the Republic of Cyprus.

The weight in this case passes further west, into the sea area of ​​Kastelorizo (SE Aegean Sea, Greek waters). As Andreas Pentaras underlined, “the Republic of Cyprus does not have the military means to prevent such actions by Turkey and will be restricted to diplomacy.

However, I believe that exploratory drilling in the Kastellorizo ​​Sea area may lead to a serious crisis, in which case, Greece will have to react, and this may involve use of military means.” Turkey, however, according to him, will not go so far…. ….. / IBNA