The concerns and demands by SYRIZA on the Greek-Turkish relations

The concerns and demands by SYRIZA on the Greek-Turkish relations

SYRIZA is demanding from the Government specific initiatives regarding the Greek-Turkish negotiations, in the wake of the Mitsotakis-Erdogan meeting in London ahead of the National Foreign Affairs Council.

Alexis Tsipras is heading to Tunisia to attend the 34th conference of the Arab Institute of Entrepreneurs, keeping an eye, nonetheless, on the developments between Turkey and Libya.

Main opposition sources, commenting on yesterday’s meeting between the two leaders, are stressing that the serious tension in the Greek-Turkish relations and the significant distance between the two sides has been affirmed. At the same time, they welcomed the messages of support Greece received from the EU, France, the US Foreign Ministry, Israel and Russia.

According to SYRIZA, the messages conveyed by the Government “depict its unreadiness and unprecedented lack of seriousness”. Referring to the “chaos” between the Ministry of Defense and the Prime Minister’s Office for Confidence Building Measures, as well as to today’s statement by the Minister of Defense, they speak of unacceptable moves and statements.

N. Panagiotopoulos said in a television appearance that “the problem is not that terrible” when it comes to the issue of the Turkey-Libya Agreement, as it will be tabled to the Turkish parliament immediately. “If it is ‘not that terrible’, then why was the Government publicizing that much the deportation of the Libyan ambassador on the basis of this exact issue just a few days ago?”

Meanwhile, the main opposition is concerned about Erdogan’s announcement just a few hours before his meeting with the Greek Prime Minister, regarding the drilling operations in “Turkey’s maritime jurisdiction and elsewhere”. “The further expansion of illegal activities in the Greek Continental Shelf constitutes an extremely worrying direct threat to our sovereign rights”, Koumoundourou Heaquarters stress.

The demands by SYRIZA

Heavily criticizing the government’s hitherto decisions, the “policy of passiveness”, the “thin line” logic, wasting sanctions, etc., SYRIZA recalls the steps taken during Al. Tsipras’ governance and proposes specific actions to the current government:

– Work to bring European sanctions against individuals and companies involved in unlawful acts in the Cypriot EEZ and extend them against persons and companies involved in unlawful acts in the area covered by Turkey’s non-existent and unlawful agreement with Libya.

– Call for the immediate convening of the Summit of European countries in support of Greece and Cyprus.

– Exert pressure on the US for a more dynamic attitude against Turkey, in view of the Prime Minister’s meeting with the US President

– Exert pressure on Italy for a clear stance on the illegal activity of the internationally recognized government of Libya

– Strengthen contacts with all sides in Libya and intensify talks with Egypt on EEZ demarcation, as announced

– Demand that the Government be included in the extended talks on the Libyan issue, following Greece’s participation in the Palermo Conference in November 2018

– Continue the dialogue on Confidence Building Measures

– Actively support the maintenance of any momentum created after the tripartite meeting in Berlin for a just and sustainable solution to the Cyprus issue, based on the UN resolutions.

Tsipras’ intervention on Libya from Tunisia

According to people close to the former prime minister, Al. Tsipras’s intervention, when he will take the floor tomorrow at the 34th conference of the Arab Institute of Entrepreneurs in Tunisia, is expected to underline that the Euro-Mediterranean co-operation should be built on the basis of international law regarding not only the refugee issue, but also and the maritime zones and energy issues.

As sources in SYRIZA point out, tomorrow’s intervention is of particular importance, as Tunisia plays a particularly active role in the Libyan issue. /ibna