“The Collapse”, a TV show based on the unrest of ‘97

“The Collapse”, a TV show based on the unrest of ‘97

A TV show, the events of which take place in 1997, a year of unrest for Albania, has been shot and is ready to be broadcasted by the state owned TV network.

“The Collapse” is a TV show directed by the prominent film director, Leka Bungo.

The TV show talks about the terrible events of 1997, when the state in Albania collapsed entirely and crime took the streets by claiming the lives of thousands of people.

“The Collapse” talks about the great moral, spiritual and financial collapse that took place in 1997, which nearly led Albanians to civil war.

“The great truths are often better told through satire”, says the director of the film, Leka Bungo. This production brings the events of the year that changed the destinies of many people combined with the tragedy of a society that was infected by the insanity of becoming rich without doing anything.

Besides several prominent actors, part of the cast is also the star of Albanian cinema, Robert Ndrenika, Artist of the People. /balkaneu.com/