The bronze statue of Alexander the Great – What next?

The bronze statue of Alexander the Great – What next?

The government has not yet taken the monument of Alexander the Great, which it recently removed from the Skopje airport. The bronze statue has been in one of the warehouses of “Metalski Zavod” for several days, along with the recently removed monument of Kjoseto, as can be seen in the photographs received by “Nezavisen/Independent” newspaper.

Where and when the Macedonian military leader will be set, the government does not say. They have yet to decide the fate of the monument, now state-owned, although it was a donation of the concessionaire TAV to the Skopje airport.

“There will be nothing in the foreseeable future. On all these daily obligations, the monument is not our priority”, said government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski yesterday. This issue will not be discussed at today’s government session. It remains unclear whether the monument may be placed in a school named after the military leader, will be given to a state institution, or will be melted. Basically, the government does not say what the possible options are.

That the fate of the monument is uncertain, is confirmed by the City of Skopje, which gave the monument a spot in the purchased warehouse.

“The monument is in our warehouse. It is state-owned and there will be a solution. We still do not have any information whatsoever,” the City of Skopje stated.

There is no news for the monument of Kjoseto. City officials say that the Association for the unification of Cetinje, Popadinci and Krusodari from Lerin did not call to pick it up. Alexander the Great’s monument at the airport, which until recently was named after him, was installed in 2011 as a gift for Macedonia by Murat Ornekol, the operational director of the TAV concessionaire, who manages the airport since 2010.