The 5/6 to 1/6 ratio in favour of the T/C refers to the Federal Development Budget – Cyprus Foreign Minister

The 5/6 to 1/6 ratio in favour of the T/C refers to the Federal Development Budget – Cyprus Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides clarified yesterday that he referred to the Federal Development Budget and not the revenue from the hydrocarbon, in his previous statements regarding the distribution of 5/6 to 1/6 to the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots, respectively.

In his statements to the journalists, on the sidelines of Memorial of Makarios III, to the Panagia of Kykkou, when asked to clarify his earlier statements, the minister he stated, “I was referring – and it is clear what I was saying – to the developmental, federal budget, which for the first few years”, until the per capita income of the Turkish Cypriot community reaches that of the Greek Cypriot community, “it will be 5/6 for the Turkish Cypriot community and 1/6 for the Greek Cypriot.

This concerns the federal development budget, which will be very small compared to the fiscal policies of the states. It has nothing to do with the revenues from hydrocarbons. The revenues from hydrocarbons will go to a special fund so that a large part of them will be devoted to the next generations of Cypriots”.

To a question about the information on the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot press about the enclosed town of Famagusta, the minister said that in his statement the UN Secretary’s spokesman “made it clear that the UN supports the opening of the fenced town of Famagusta under the form of confidence-building measure, only with the agreement of the two sides and not unilaterally, as the publication states.

We are ready to discuss as a confidence-building measure the opening of the city of Famagusta under the auspices of the UN to bring back the legitimate inhabitants there”.

Asked if the memorandum the Greek Cypriot side is quoting is enough to convince the international public that this move is not a move of good will, Kasoulides stated “I think yes”, adding that our position is based “on several resolutions, annual reports of the SG, resolutions of the European Parliament, many other decisions, and there may be a statement by the President of the Security Council, back in the past, due to the expansion of occupation in the fenced city”.

Asked whether President Anastasiades’ proposal for the opening of Varosha and at the same time to allow Turkish Cypriots to trade directly with the EU will be repeated, the minister said “we are studying the resumption of the talks on confidence-building measures that will provide for the return of legal residents under the administration of the United Nations”.

Asked if he thinks that there is a comprehensive package of actions from the occupied territories in consultation with Turkey and whether this is Turkey’s B project, Kasoulides said “I do not know, I do not think they know themselves”, adding that “‘Plan B’ is abandoning the basis as defined in the UN Resolution 1251, as well as a two-state discussion or partnership. I suspect Plan C is the annexation of the occupied territories”.

Finally, he said that “we are surprised that the Turkish NAVTEX also refers to the participation of an American military ship, that is why we have addressed the US Ambassador yesterday, who said she was not informed. She would be informed and she would tell us. Following that there will be démarches to Washington on Monday”, the Foreign Minister concluded./IBNA