Thaci in a quest to secure international recognitions for Kosovo

Thaci in a quest to secure international recognitions for Kosovo

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, December 16, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Former prime minister of Kosovo and current Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci, promises that the international recognition of the independence and sovereignty of Kosovo will be at the focus of diplomacy this term.

He said that he will work in order for Kosovo to be recognized by 2/3 of UN members and that he will continue his practical efforts to convince the five EU members that the recognition of the independence of Kosovo is a fair decision in the interest of stability and European unity.

“Kosovo’s diplomacy will strongly engage to strengthen cooperation with Euro Atlantic institutions, EU and NATO institutions”, Thaci said.

Besides his engagement to strengthen cooperation with Euro Atlantic and EU institutions, the new Foreign Minister pledges that he will also secure the recognition of Kosovo by Serbia.

“Kosovo’s diplomacy will be committed for the full normalization of relations with Serbia and the continuation of dialogue which would be finalized in the mutual recognition and which would enable the consolidation of peace between the two countries, by establishing diplomatic relations in the spirit of friendship”, Thaci added.

Experts of international relations believe that the experience of the leader of PDK will be positive in foreign politics.

International law professor, Afrim Hoti says that the new head of diplomacy will be able to consolidate Kosovo’s foreign service.

“In principle, I think that it’s a very positive impulse about foreign policies when its chief is a former prime minister. This offers foreign policies new credentials and makes them credible for other states. This position is made even more credible when you think that so far, our foreign policies have been on the verge of capitulation. I expect, even though I’m not optimistic, that the image and foreign policies in the months and years to come will improve”, Hoti declared.

According to him, Thaci’s long experience and the numerous contacts with international diplomats are welcome for the diplomacy of the country.

Bekim Baliqi, head of the department of Political Sciences at the University of Pristina, also believes that the political strength of Hashim Thaci can be useful for the diplomacy of the youngest state of Europe.

He says that his success depends on the strategy that he will follow, adding that only one politically strong person could stabilize the diplomatic staff.

“I believe that Mr. Thaci can consolidate the diplomatic staff and its structure thanks to his political strength. As far as success is concerned, this also depends on the program and plan that Mr. Thaci has on foreign policies. It’s difficult to make predictions before seeing his strategy. Nevertheless, I believe that he has a great strength which can help on offering stability for the diplomatic staff”, Baliqi says. /ibna/