Thaci: Nato’s role in Kosovo is irreplaceable

Thaci: Nato’s role in Kosovo is irreplaceable

Nato’s role in Kosovo has been determining not only for the preservation of stability and the growth of security, but also for the cooperation between all communities.

This was said today by the president of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci following a meeting with the Nato’s Supreme Commander for Europe, general Curtis Scaparrotti.

“Your role in Kosovo and the region is irreplaceable. We will always be grateful for your support”, said president Thaci.

Speaking about cooperation with the countries of the region, president Thaci has praised Montenegro’s accession in the Nato hoping that its path will also be followed by other countries, thus contribution for long term peace in the region.

Meanwhile, general Curtis Scaparrotti said that Nato is committed to remain in Kosovo to offer peace and stability for the entire region. /