Thaçi met with Macron: Kosovo is ready for a Peace Agreement

Thaçi met with Macron: Kosovo is ready for a Peace Agreement

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, had a bilateral meeting with the President of the Republic of France, Emmanuel Macron, with whom he discussed about the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, as well as about the Euro-Atlantic perspective of Kosovo and the Western Balkans region.

President Thaçi stated that Kosovo is willing and ready for a peaceful agreement with Serbia.

“We are ready to continue the dialogue with Serbia and to reach a final peace agreement, which will bring mutual recognitions and membership into the United Nations”, President Thaçi stated.

“This will mean to finalize the international consolidation of Kosovo”, said President Thaçi, adding that “this will pave the way for foreign investments”.

“This shall mean development for Kosovo. This shall mean more opportunities for prosperity, for a better life for all the citizens of Kosovo”.

President Thaçi, at the meeting with President Macron, also spoke about Kosovo’s Euro-Atlantic perspective.

“Kosovo has only one goal: NATO and EU membership. Nothing can steer us from this goal and nothing can steer us from this path”, President Thaçi said.

Finally, President Thaçi thanked President Macron for his support to Kosovo and the entire Western Balkans

President Macron on his part. expressed his support for sustainable peace and development in Kosovo and throughout the region./ibna