Thaci: Kosovo is ready to face the Tribunal

Thaci: Kosovo is ready to face the Tribunal

Prime minister Hashim Thaci has not revealed the date when the Tribunal for the alleged crimes perpetrated by Kosovo Liberation Army will be established, but he has said that Kosovo has the necessary capacities and is ready to face all the challenges that relate to its justice system

Pristina, April 4, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Prime minister Thaci declared today that Kosovo is ready to face any challenge that it comes across, while he was asked about the date for the establishment of the Tribunal which will deal with the crimes allegedly perpetrated by the Kosovo Liberation Army during the last war.

Thaci made these comments on Friday after the meeting that he had with the speaker of the Albanian parliament, Ilir Meta.

“I’d like to stress that Kosovo is ready to face any challenge which relates to its system of justice, with the full support of the international factors. Kosovo has been lucky about the fact that in the past 15 years, its justice system has been administered by international institutions. For 8 years in a row by the UNO and for 6 years, by EULEX”, declared Thaci.

In the joint press conference with speaker of parliament, Meta, he has also responded to the question as to what was discussed yesterday during the meeting between political leaders and the US ambassador, Tracey Ann Jacobson.

Media reported that this meeting also discussed about the Tribunal, but prime minister Thaci said the meeting only discussed EULEX’s transition in Kosovo.

“EULEX has done a good job in Kosovo. Our cooperation has been very good. It’s now time for us to exchange letters between institutions of Kosovo and EU, in order to clearly determine that Kosovo now is fully capable to govern its justice system, in terms of the executive mandate.  Meanwhile, the role and mission of the EU will be a supportive and advisory one”, said Thaci.

“We talked about EULEX’s transition. This issue is the responsibility of the entire political spectrum of Kosovo. The parliament of Kosovo has the final say on the issue of the exchange of letters”, said the prime minister.

But, he said that Kosovo is a good example as far as cooperation in the international justice system is concerned.

“I’d like to reiterate  that Kosovo has been the best example in the region in terms of cooperation with the international justice system and the Tribunal of Hague”.

During the meeting with Meta, Thaci congratulated him on the achievements made by Albania in the process of European integration and excellent cooperation with all neighboring countries.

Meanwhile, the speaker of the Albanian parliament, Ilir Meta said: “I believe that the citizens of Kosovo deserve the liberalization of the visa regime as soon as possible. I praise the engagement of the government of Kosovo in fulfilling all its obligations in this process”. /ibna/