New tension in ‘Skourgies’ – Panousis: ‘There will be dead’

New tension in ‘Skourgies’ – Panousis: ‘There will be dead’

Athens, April 7, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“We will have victims in Skouries, things have gotten brutal”, said Deputy Citizen Protection Minister Yiannis Panousis on the sidelines of a meeting with the Regional Director of Attica Rena Dourou.

Still, he wondered if the armed struggle is allowed in Democracy and stressed that there are some who still do not say anything on that. “We have not solved this issue in Greece. The armed struggle cannot be tolerated in Democracy”, he said and added: “The gentle management is effective but it cannot be permanent”.

Meanwhile, Monday morning there were reports to the Police for two damaged vehicles parked in Ierissos, which according to preliminary investigations belong to employees of the goldmine. In addition to that there was also a jeering of miner who was heading to work.

There was also a new protest rally of workers in the mines.

These incidents came as a continuation of the incidents occurred in “Chondro Dendro” on Sunday, during parallel protests organised by workers in the mines and those who are agains the said investment.

The alleged damage to vehicles occurred during a demonstration held last night in Ierissos from people who oppose the goldmine. A small group of protesters allegedly smashed the windshield of a rural car and turned over another car, both of which are allegedly owned by a miner.

Moreover, at dawn, a miner complained that while he was heading with his own truck to work, he was attacked by unknown perpetrators in the harbour area of ​​Ierissos. The perpetrators, according to the complainant, threw objects at the vehicle causing small damage.