Tension mounts in relations between Kosovo and Slovenia

Tension mounts in relations between Kosovo and Slovenia

Pristina, 18 June 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The arrest of AAK leader, Ramush Haradinaj may damage relations between Slovenia and Kosovo.

The protagonist of this event, Haradinaj, says that if Slovenia doesn’t want to have good relations with Kosovo, it must not behave this way with the representative of its people.

“Even if Slovenia doesn’t want to have good relations with Kosovo, if we respect them, they must also respect us. There cannot be one sided respect. They have crossed all boundaries by behaving like this with the authorities of Kosovo”, he says.

Meanwhile, the party that he leads has demanded for Kosovo to immediately cut diplomatic relations with Slovenia.

“Alliance for the Future of Kosovo demands from the institutions of Kosovo to cut all diplomatic relations with Slovenia. We demand from institutions of both countries to condemn this arrest which is based on an arrest warrant issued by the Serb regime condemned by the whole world”, declared AAK MP, Donika Kada-Bujupi.

Kosovo’s ambassador to Slovenia, Nexhmi Rexhepi, says that the Ramush Haradinaj’s arrest may damage relations between Kosovo and Slovenia.

He declared that Ljubljana cannot act based on political arrest warrants.

“We believe that authorities in Slovenia must not engage in such acts that threaten our bilateral relations. These are absurd. Such acts cannot be based on political arrest warrants, which can damage political relations that we have as countries”, Rexhepi says.

Meanwhile, Slovenia’s ambassador to Kosovo, Miljan Majhen, says that Haradinaj’s arrest is not political, but it’s based on an international arrest warrant.

Majhen has not wanted to speculate if relations between Kosovo and Slovenia will be affected after this case.

“It’s difficult to say if relations between the two countries will be affected. We must see how events go and how much this case will have an impact in relations between Slovenia and Kosovo”, the Slovenian diplomat to Kosovo said.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister of Slovenia, Karl Erjavec said that he’s expecting Slovenian authorities to announce the reason for the arrest of the former Kosovo’s PM, Ramush Haradinaj.

Krajn’s court in Ljubljana is expected to take a decision today on Ramush Haradinaj. Although Haradinaj was released, his passport is being held by Slovenian authorities. This development has mounted tension between the two countries. /ibna/