Tension in Idomeni

Tension in Idomeni

Athens, March 30, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Tensions rose ar the camp of Idomeni, at the railway line, which for seven days had been blockaded by refugees.

In the police’s attempt to evacuate the lines, the refugees responded with stone throwing.

According to what reported by Mega television, an activist fell to the ground, the police apprehended her and the refugees were outraged and the situation got out of control, with refugees throwing stones at riot police and smashed the windshield of the police car where the activist was in order to take her out of it.

After 15.00, the refugees remained on the railway track, while they also set up microphones, in order to, as they said, to inform everyone in the camp and send their own message to Europe.

The situation at present has returned to normal at Idomeni.

Earlier, there was another protest at Thessaloniki – Evzones highway, about 1 km from the border station. The refugees essentially set up a blockade to cars and trucks with FYROM plates. They lay down on the asphalt set up a tent and even small children were at the spot chanting slogans and demanding to open the border. Eventually they convinced to leave.