Tension over the Aegean

Tension over the Aegean


By Manolis Kostidis – Ankara

Turkey argues that “greek fighter jets harassed turkish aircrafts in international airspace over the Aegean”.

According to the announcement of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Turkey that was posted on its website, “a CN-235 type aircraft, which was flying inside international airspace over the Aegean on a training flight during a drill, was harassed in the area south of Chios and for 30 seconds ‘was locked’ in the radars of three greek F-16 that took off from New Anchialo. At the same time, two greek F-16 that took off from Lemnos harassed and ‘locked’ with their radars a CN-235 type aircraft, which was performing a training flight, for 3.5 minutes northwest of Chios”.

The CN-235 are naval cooperation aircrafts, which are involved in the Turkish naval exercise called “Beyaz Firtina” (white storm) that had been announced by Turkey and had already committed certain Aegean regions for its execution.

The turkish General Staff also said that a turkish F-16 was “locked” by radars of the Syrian air defence for 10 seconds.