Technical assistance leads to creation of new jobs in BiH

Technical assistance leads to creation of new jobs in BiH

International Labour organization (ILO) and European Union continued to support the creation of new jobs in BiH through various projects which will, in the end, create a better business environment in the country.

In the scope of the project Support to Local Employment Partnerships in BiH the first in the series of eight technical assistance sessions and training courses for the 15 newly created local employment partnerships began this week in Bijeljina. This assistance marks the beginning of the concrete activities on the creation of at least 620 new jobs and the provision of vocational education for some 2 000 employed people under the four million Euro worth project funded by the EU. As it was said in the project description, the overall objective is to contribute to the strategic development of BiH labour market. The specific objective is to foster sustainable, partnership-driven active labour market frameworks at the local level for an increased access to formal employment, particularly in flood-affected areas.

The project is being implemented in 22 municipalities and the new jobs will be created for socially disadvantaged categories of population including women, youth, minorities, returnees, internally displaced persons and hard-to-employ persons in the areas of wood, metal, textile and leather processing; agriculture; production of food; tourism; information technologies; visual communications and entrepreneurship.

“In line with the project plan, following the award of direct EU grants to 15 partnerships in the total amount of 3 million euros, the ILO will provide continuous support to the local employment partnerships throughout the project implementation and will guide them through all stages of the implementation of their activities,” said to media ILO Project Coordinator, Džemal Hodžić.

He added that  the first training course and the technical assistance session focuses on the management of the partnerships and the implementation of their activities on the ground. Ashe said, it also covers financial management and monitoring and evaluation of all activities so that any potential obstacles in the execution of the project activities could be timely detected and addressed.

The ILO will implement each of the eight technical assistance seasons and training courses individually with each of the 15 partnerships – which include cities or municipalities, public employment services, employers, education institutions and non-governmental organizations – to best address their specific needs in line with their current experiences in the implementation of projects.

The first technical assistance sessions will thus consecutively be delivered in Bijeljina, Orasje, Banja Luka, Prnjavor, Prijedor, Bosanska Krupa, Petrovac, Sarajevo, Gorazde, Capljina, Travnik and Zavidovici ending on July 7. Support to Local Employment Partnerships in BiH project is part of the 19 million Euro worth Programme for Local Development and Employment funded by the EU and implemented by the UNDP, GIZ and ILO./ΙΒΝΑ