Teachers’ Day is celebrated throughout Kosovo

Teachers’ Day is celebrated throughout Kosovo

Pristina, March 7, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

March 7, which marks Teachers’ Day is celebrated in all of Kosovo. Pupils have swarmed the streets buying flowers with their loved ones. 1300 pupils of “Faik Konica” school in Pristina have made their 60 teachers feel special today by sending them flowers and different gifts.

“March 7 is the most precious day for our people. Everything today is more special. Even the appearance of students and teachers”, says Sahiti.

The prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci has also issued a message. “Teachers’ Day is one of the most historical and symbolic dates that relate to the start of the Albanian school, as one of the most powerful institutions of our educational and cultural identity”, says Thaci.

According to him, the reformation of the educational system of Kosovo will be a priority for the government.

The minister of Education, Science and Technology, Rame Buja says that “Albanian school in the Republic of Kosovo has not only been a cradle of knowledge, but also a cradle of the big incentives and big historical movements, having an impact on the creation of the independent and democratic state of Kosovo”.

Teachers’ salaries in Kosovo are low. They are paid 375 Euros a month and say that the cost of living is very high. Many teachers have second jobs, mainly offering private course to increase their incomes. /ibna/