Taxation – investments – citizens’ security the priorities of the Mitsotakis administration

Taxation – investments – citizens’ security the priorities of the Mitsotakis administration

While every minister has received the agenda with his priorities yesterday, it is only natural that the prime minister would pay special attention to tax policy, which was also his flag during the pre-election period, followed by investment and citizens security.

As it was clarified yesterday, the first bill to be tabled will concern the administrative reconstruction of the state that will adapt the administrative structure to changes at the level of ministries. The one that will follow, until 10 August will be the one concerning taxation. After that, the Ministry of Development’s multidisciplinary draft will take place while, in the meantime, the changes in public policy will start being implemented.

What’s is also indicative of the Prime Minister’s intentions that the first meeting was with the leadership of the Finance Ministry, while yesterday he met at the Maximos Mansion with the heads of the Ministries of Citizen Protection and Development and Investment.

In the economic field, the main objectives and priorities of the new government are:

-Reduction of business tax from 28% to 20% at a depth of two years. In 2020 will fall to 24% and in the following one to 20%.

-Reduction of dividend tax from 10% to 5% in 2020.

– Reduction in ENΦΙΑ by 30% within 2 years,

– 40% or 50% tax reduction of the cost of energy, functional or aesthetic upgrading of buildings

-Suspension of VAT on building activity for three years.

– Establishement of an introductory tax rate on natural persons from 22% to 9% for income up to € 10,000, without reducing the tax-free threshold and creation of a new progressive tax scale with a lower maximum tax rate.

– Gradual abolition of the special solidarity levy.

– Gradual abolition of the business fee.

– Improvement of the special regulation of 120 installments for those who owe up to € 3,000 to tax and insurance funds and introduction of a framework for favorable treatment of consistent taxpayers and borrowers.

– Reduction of VAT rates from 13% to 11% and from 24% to 22% within 4 years.

– Gradual establishment of obligatory e-invoicing between businesses (B2B).

– Progress in the staffing of AADE with 12500 employees

With regard to the Ministry of Public Order, the slogan is “Zero tolerance for crime and delinquency”.

The goals and immediate priorities were discussed at the meeting of the Prime Minister with Michalis Chrysochohidis yesterday at the Maximos Mansion. The meeting revealed that two weeks after the vote of confidence in the government on 22 July, the Greek Police will be fully equipped and ready to start patrolling the streets and neighborhoods. The main objective is to combat crime and gangs in particular. Regarding the refugee-immigrant issues, during the meeting attended by Giorgos Koumoutsakos, the situation was perceived as chaotic, not only in infrastructure but also within the former Ministry of Migration Policy itself. The immediate objective is to record the situation that exists and to decongest the centers-hosting structures.

The dossier received by the leadership of the Ministry of Citizen Protection includes the policy and means for “Safeguarding citizens with zero tolerance for crime and delinquency”, as well as for better border control and migration management.

Direct Government Priorities are:

-Transport to the Ministry of Citizen Protection of all responsibilities for internal security issues that are currently scattered in other Ministries.

-Efficient prevention and tackling of crime and terrorism by:

▪ Re-activation of the DELTA team

▪ Strengthening the DIAS Team and the Crime Prevention and Suppression Groups

▪ Recruitment of 1,500 new police officers who will be immediately made available to the “Delta” and “Jupiter” Teams.

▪ Strengthening the institution of neighborhood police officer

▪ Release of Security Corps from unnecessary administrative work

▪ Direct supply of new bulletproof vests for all police officers

▪ Supply (within one year) of new police cars and motorcycles

Strict tackling of illegal immigration and better border control by intensifying patrols – land and sea – using modern technical means and strengthening FRONTEX operations. Operation of a single land and sea border surveillance body.

Operation of closed temporary reception and hosting centers, for the completion of the asylum application process within six weeks. Respecting the fundamental human rights.

Making use of European refugee and migrant initiatives.

At the meeting of the Prime Minister with the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, there was discussion on the multi-bill that will be tabled in parliament immediately after the summer holidays of the House. The meeting also discussed the unblocking and acceleration of the procedures for the exploitation of “Elliniko”.

The documentation received by the Ministry of Development’s leadership includes the following priorities:

– Simplification and acceleration of the licensing process

– Simplification of state-business relationships

– Financing of liquidity

– Securing a second chance for highly indebted businesses

– Facilitations for over-indebted households

– Support for new and innovative entrepreneurship

Direct Government Priorities include:

– Inclusion of exclusive deadlines in the permitting process and when these are not respected, transfer of responsibilities to a higher Authority, at the level of a State Secretary

– Improvement of business parks

– Securing a second chance for heavily indebted businesses by creating an automated and brief out-of-court debt settlement and clearing mechanism and simplification of the bankruptcy process.

– The design of a new NSRF 2021-2027.

– Development of incentive framework for start-ups

– Creation of an online one-stop-shop for government-related services/ibna