TAP: When a pipeline does not bring natural gas only…

TAP: When a pipeline does not bring natural gas only…

The Compression Station at Kipoi (NE Greece), part of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is expected to feed the municipality of Alexandroupolis (part of which are Kipoi) with hot water for district heating.

At the meeting held in the municipality of Alexandroupolis, in the presence of Mayor Evangelos Lambakis, Project Manager for Greece, Katerina Papalexandri, Technical Director of Greece, Peter Francis, and Local Society Manager for Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Spyros Nakos, it became known that the joint venture that manages the TAP pipeline has made a pledge to install a hot water production plant through the heat exchanger at the Compression Station, while setting the framework for starting the technical meetings for the district heating project.

The hot water, which will be produced when the pipeline is in operation, will be available to the Municipality of Alexandroupolis for its own use (district heating, greenhouse drying, etc.).

The importance of working with local authorities and stakeholders at all levels to ensure the safe and timely construction of the project and the realisation of social and environmental investments that meet real and essential needs was what Katerina Papalexandri underlined.

Meanwhile, in March, the consortium controlling the TAP pipeline rehabilitated the 13 km total water network in the municipality of Fier in Albania, namely in the village of Mbrostar, spending a total of 556,500 euros. As a result, more than 10,000 inhabitants of six villages as a whole will be served and covered: Petova, Makaj, Verri, Kallm, Mojalli and Mbrostar. This, thanks to the operation of two new boreholes, the installation in Petova village and the replacement of the obsolete network with polyethylene pipes.

According to Infrastructure minister, Lindita Sotiri, “This investment has solved a long-standing problem for the inhabitants of these communities. I am convinced that similar investments will then be made, in order to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of areas where the TAP pipeline runs through in Albania.”… / IBNA