TAP pipeline makes it through the Albanian mountains

TAP pipeline makes it through the Albanian mountains

Construction of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline – TAP has been completed by 86.5%.

Works on the completion of the Pipeline have entered the final stage after the completion of the difficult phase of the project through the mountainous parts of Albania.

The supply of the European market is expected to begin in the coming year, according to the timetable.

The TAP has the capacity to transport up to ten billion cubic meters of gas a year, from the Shah Deniz II deposits in Azerbaijan to Italy.

The difficulty of the project can be seen by the fact that the section through the Albanian mountains cost 1/3 of the total cost of EUR 4.5 billion for the pipeline’s construction.

“We are proud to have responded to this challenge by crossing the pipeline from the mountains and at altitudes above 2,000 meters above sea level”, TAP Director of Albania, Malfor Nuri, told Reuters news agency, adding that the TAP is the largest foreign investment in Albania.

“TAP’s construction work is on schedule. In terms of progress for the project as a whole, it has reached 86.5%”, said Luca Schieppati, General Manager of the joint venture.

TAP will interconnect with the Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) gas pipeline at the Greek-Turkish border and will pass through Northern Greece, Albania and the Adriatic Sea before it reaches the coasts of southern Italy where it will connect to the Italian gas grid.

When completed, TAP will provide the most direct, rational and cost-effective gas transit route, which will launch the vital Southern Gas Corridor, totaling 4,000 kilometers, from the Caspian Sea to Europe./ibna