TAP pipeline completion rate at 95%

TAP pipeline completion rate at 95%

One step before its completion appears to be the construction of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline – TAP, with more than 95% of the project being completed successively in the countries of Greece, Albania, Italy, according to the consortium for the development of the TAP AG project.

The company’s message states that “agricultural activity is restored after land has been restored to the previous levels along the TAP pipeline.”

It is recalled that the TAP pipeline with a total pipeline length of 878 km, is a project worth EUR 4.5 billion and is one of the EU’s core projects in the energy sector.

In particular, the section of the pipeline that will cross Greece will be about 550 km long, will start from the Kipi near the Greek-Turkish border and extend to the border of Greece with Albania, southwest of Hieropigi.

The section of the pipeline to Albania will be about 215 km long and will start from the municipality of Bilisht in the Korça region on the border with Greece.

The section where Albania’s TAP will enter the sea will be 17 km north-west of Fier on land, about 400 meters from the coastline.

The underwater section of the pipeline crossing the Albanian territorial waters will be about 37 km long.

The TAP section that runs through the Adriatic Sea from the Albanian to the Italian coasts will be about 105 km long.

The point where TAP will meet the Italian coast will be located in southern Italy, in particular in the Melendugno municipality of Lecce province, near San Foca.

The submarine section of the pipeline that runs through Italian territorial waters will be about 25 km long, while the land section will extend over about 8 km.

This site was selected after an assessment of eleven alternative pipeline routes as the most appropriate environmentally, socially and safety-wise.

With the completion of the project, it is now possible to transfer natural gas from Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz II to Europe via Turkey./ibna