TAP: 80% of construction works completed

TAP: 80% of construction works completed

So far, 80% of works for the construction of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) have been completed in the territory of Albania and Greece.

This was announced by the company in charge of this big strategic project. According to this company, most of the work has been completed in the two countries where the largest part of the project lies.

The company says that 627 km out of a total of 878 km have been completed so far.

Out of these, 550 km lie in Greece, 215 km in Albania, 105 km in the Adriatic Sea and 8 km lie in Italy.

After this phase, the company will launch the final and the most delicate phase, the installation of the pipes on the bed of the Adriatic Sea, which will make the connection between Albania and the Puglia region in Italy. /balkaneu.com/