Talks with Serbia will continue, Kosovo’s PM says

Talks with Serbia will continue, Kosovo’s PM says

Pristina, 24 July 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa accused today Belgrade of postponing the application of the agreement on insurance policies.

Mustafa said that the agreement reached in the Brussels talks was scheduled to take effect on July 24.

But according to him, Brussels had notified Kosovo’s government that Belgrade was not yet technically ready to start the application of this agreement.

“Serbia didn’t deliver the deadlines of the agreement. It’s not just an issue of the cancellation of the agreement, but the lack of readiness by Serbia to meet the obligations of this agreement”, Mustafa declared.

Kosovo’s PM declared that the agreement will not be discussed in Brussels, as it has been already finalized.

He said that Pristina has demanded the EU to put pressure on Serbia in order for the agreement to take effect.

However, PM Mustafa said that the talks with Serbia will continue.

“Talks must continue but there must be an implementation of existing agreements. We have also discussed this with EU and US representatives, who also believe that implementation is necessary”.

Kosovo has often complained that Serbia has not applied the agreements reached in the framework of the talks in Brussels. /ibna/