Tahiri: International community must help to solve the issue of Mitrovica

Tahiri: International community must help to solve the issue of Mitrovica

Pristina, June 24, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Deputy prime minister of Kosovo, Edita Tahiri says that she has received plenty of promises by Washington and Brussels for the removal of the barricade over Iber river bridge, which has now been called “Peace park”.

She says that in the talks that she has had with senior American and EU officials, she has demanded for more pressure to be exerted against Belgrade to implement the agreement for free movement, which was struck two years ago.

“I have had a telephone conversation with the director of the Office for Central and Southern Europe in the US Department of State, Mr. Jonathan Moore, with which I discussed the destabilizing consequences that this barricade has and I was promised that everything is being done in order for this issue to be solved through talks. I have also talked with the director for Western Europe and Balkan at the EU Foreign Affairs Service, Ferndando  Gentilini. Therefore, I can say that both Washington and Brussels have been engaged in resolving this issue. We’re expecting quick results”, says Tahiri.

Tahiri has also said that she has been in constant touch with the EU special representative to Kosovo, Samuel Zbogar and vice chief of the American mission in Pristina, Jeniffer Bachus since the day when the gravel barricade was replaced by the so called “Peace park”.

Tahiri said that the government of Kosovo has demanded from the EU to take measures for the implementation of April 19 agreement.

“As the government of Kosovo, we have demanded from Brussels to take its responsibilities as a guarantor of the agreement in order to put pressure on Belgrade to remove these barricades and for such thing not to happen again, because Belgrade has signed the April 19 agreement and the agreement for technical dialogue, which includes the agreement for free movement dating July 2, 2011”, said Tahiri.

In this context, the chief of the technical dialogue with Serbia has declared that if Serbia doesn’t meet these requests addressed by the government of Kosovo, USA and EU, then Belgrade’s EU perspective will be put in danger.

She said that Sunday’s protest near the Iber river bridge came as a result of the crisis that Serbia has caused, by using different destructive means to reinstall barricades which prevent the freedom of movement for the citizens. /ibna/