Tabloids “defend” Vucic against Bishop Amfilohije

Tabloids “defend” Vucic against Bishop Amfilohije

A day after Serbian officials have fiercely reacted to Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) bishop’s criticisms against the president, pro-government tabloids accused him of conspiring with former Montenegrin prime minister, against Aleksandar Vucic. In the meantime, bishop Amfilohije, who claims that Vucic’s policy leads to accepting Kosovo’s independence, denied that he has held funeral services for the president.

“Milo’s Bishop attacked Serbia”, tabloid Alo! put in the headline on its front page, alluding to former Montenegrin premier Milo Djukanovic. This daily owned by a current supporter of Vucic, businessman Zeljko Mitrovic, accused bishop Amfilohije of “being silent” when Montenegro declared independence from Serbia in 2006. Alo! also alleges that the bishop has “business deals” with Djukanovic, who is still the most influential person in Montenegro and leader of the ruling Democratic party of Socialists (DPS).

Last week, Amfilohije, the Metropolitan bishop of Montenegro and the Littoral, expressed concern that Vucic’s policy leads to the “betrayal of Serbia”; Vucic’s “games” with Kosovo would result in giving up from the province, bishop Amfilohije suggested.

“The dirty pact: Amfilohije targets Vucic’s in the face on Djukanovic’s order” – according to the headline of Srpski telegraf, another pro-Vucic tabloid.

The rest of Serbian tabloids in today’s main stories quote Vucic’s aides, such as his Secretary General Nikola Selakovic, who claimed that bishop Amfilohije was holding funeral services for Vucic.

In the meantime, the bishop has denied this accusation.

“I have never held a funeral service for Vucic. I did it for the parliament members and for Ivica Dacic who was then (in 2013) prime minister. However, if Vucic’s aides accept that funeral service, there’s nothing I can do”, bishop Amfilohije said in an interview.

In 2013, the representatives of Belgrade, including current Foreign minister Ivica Dacic, and Pristina, had reached the so called ‘Brussels agreement on Kosovo’. Vucic, then deputy prime minister, then became chief Serbian negotiator.

Bishop Amfilohije said that SPC would not accept any agreement on Kosovo “which would jeopardise the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia”…/IBNA

Photo: Ana Paunković / Alo!