SYRIZA’s first priority upon becoming government will be the memorandum’s cancelation

SYRIZA’s first priority upon becoming government will be the memorandum’s cancelation


Review Hari Stefanatos

The main opposition party leader, Alexis Tsipras, gave a speech during the event “productive reconstruction, the challenge for the next day”, which was organised by the tvxs website stating that the country’s reconstruction and development should be the common focus of all productive forces, while restating its country’s national plan for the economic, social and environmental reconstruction of Greece, which involves the immediate end of austerity with the simultaneous stimulation of domestic demand.

Tsipras argued that the signing of successive memoranda is how Samaras and Venizelos’ envision Greece’s future. The first thing that the SYRIZA government is going to do when they are elected will be to cancel the memorandum and terminate austerity.

Tsipras stressed that, “the memorandum proved that the comprehensive revamp of the labour market did not improve either the quality or the quantity of production, or even the profitability of productive units and therefore it is a survival option for the productive world of the country to discuss with those who supported as of the beginning of the crisis that the neoliberal austerity and deregulation is not the solution – it is the crisis itself”.

Concerning his party’s reconstruction plan, he said that ” “it is not enough to stop the destruction, but to design the future. Our goal is to develop a new growth model that will satisfy the domestic demand, creating innovation and high added value, with decently paid and stable jobs”, while on the matter of the primary surplus the main opposition leader stated that “our primary surplus will be based on higher public revenues – not public spending cuts and social disaster”.

Tsipras concluded saying that “SYRIZA is not a power of division but unity; it is not a threat, as some claim, but the last hope for Greece and its citizens”.

(Source AMNA)